How Much Does WordPress Cost on a Monthly Basis?

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How Much Does WordPress Cost on a Monthly Basis?

Two main factors that attract customers to WordPress include it's being free as well as its content management. If you don't know what WordPress is, let us fill you in. It is an open-source system that provides you with content management without any fee. You can easily download WordPress and use intelligent technology, including a plug-in architecture and a design that offers templates. Both these attributes add even more value to it.

WordPress is free, but you should be aware that you will need to spend some money. Expenses are required to avail premium themes and necessary plug-ins that will make or break the content for your website. This includes anything from a new site to an old, upgraded one. 

Expenses of WordPress

WordPress costs about $11 per month, and that is just for the essential software, which will provide you with no special or premium features. The cost that you can pay once to make your life easy is approximately around $200. After that, you can expect about $11-$40 charges per month.

Additionally, if you need to hire a web designer for your website, the cost could increase quickly to up to $1000. But you need to understand that the cost of WordPress ranges according to your needs. 

Required Features 

Other features that are required include domain name, which causes about $12 per year. On a site like WordPress, one will have to invest and buy a domain name from a domain registrar. This name is crucial and should be similar to your business name. That's what most people advise to new businesses that make use of WordPress. It is a very reasonable price for a more than valuable feature.

Of course, .com is one of the most used as well as preferred domain name extensions. You can even get premium domain names, but again, those will add more to your expenses.

What Else Will I Have to Pay for?

The last crucial thing that you cannot avoid spending on when using WordPress is hosting. This is yet another cost that you will have to cover. When you decide to invest in a hosting plan, your website's internet space is specifically deserved. So to put it simply: you cannot have a website without hosting.

If you want recommendations on choosing a host, BlueHost is one of the most tops recommended websites WordPress recommends. You can easily find why that is on the internet and then decide for yourself accordingly.

Now you know that WordPress gives you the option of making use of it with no charges. However, it is mostly of no use if you are not willing to spend at least a small amount and invest in value features for your website. These features, of course, include investing in a domain name, a hosting plan, and overall special features that WordPress provides to its customers.

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