How much a quality Logo should really cost

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How much a quality Logo should really cost

What goes into the making of a Logo Design?

A restaurant may need its menus, signage and interiors, designed. Designing a logo for any organisation from scratch is an arduous but creative process. This process requires a lot of research, knowledge of the business and the audience, you are designing the logo for and a deep consideration for the standards and processes of logo design. A logo concept is a term used by logo designers to communicate with their clients. A logo concept is simply a proposal by the designer on how the logo would look when it is finally designed. Logo designers or quality logo design agency are graphic designers that give a distinctive brand to the product/service in question. Logo designers may work for someone else or for themselves.

How much a quality Logo should Cost ?

Depending upon whether logo designer's work for someone else or for himself or herself, each quality logo design has a cost. This cost is based on how distinctive, appropriate, graphic and practical the logo design is. It is also based on what message about the brand the logo conveys to customers. Every effective logo has a concept behind it and through this concept; it seeks to convey a meaning to the customer. Whether you are the owner of a startup or an established business, a professional logo conveys positive things about a business to its customers. It builds trust apart from creating awareness and an emotional attachment. However, how much should it cost?

The answer to the above question is given in these paragraphs. One can expect a reasonably simple logo design to cost $200. A simple logo with a well-defined company name and mark may cost this amount. If intricate patterns and complex lettering is added to it, the price may increase proportionately. The finished logo design is clear, unique and professional. As the definition of simple varies from one person to the other, therefore, it is important to find a logo designer who is involved throughout the design process. With clear and precise instructions, an experienced designer will be able to produce good work at economical cost.

A more complex design, which includes intricate patterns and fonts typically, cost twice as much as a simple design. One can expect to pay approximately $500 for this type of design. The increase in charges will also entail additional services like 10 original logo designs and unlimited changes until the client is pleased with the result. A well-known company will always provide concepts for business cards, envelopes and letterheads. In this cost, a logo designer will also include a minimum of three design concepts for each type of stationery. Every experienced logo design company will have more than one designer working on a project. Simple jobs involve two to four designers while complex projects require a team of logo designers.

Remember to choose a reasonably priced company employing multiple designers. When choosing a logo designer company, look at the reputation of the company. Also, look for a company providing guarantees, samples of previous work and positive reviews. Look for a logo design company, which is ready to hear about your business, whether by phone or by a creative brief. Remember to ascertain the logo designer's attitude towards your business, when you choose a suitable logo designer or a logo design company. Choosing a logo designer company will always work out to be cheaper when it boils down to the cost.

There are several options when it comes to logo designing. You can create an in-house version, crowd source the design, work with a branding agency or hire an outside designer. All of these options have their pros and cons. The cost of the logo design will be different in each option.

  • In-House

Designing in-house can be an issue due to the following factors:

  • It takes a trained designer to bring a quality design with the right form and balance, to life and you may not be able to afford such an in-house designer.
  • In logo design one needs to take into consideration different screen sizes on which it will be viewed
  • You may not be able to afford in-house the tools that skilled logo designers use in their work

Therefore, although, it is cheaper to get a logo design done in-house, companies prefer to outsource this task to professionals.

  • Crowd-Sourced

Crowd sourcing may appear to be an attractive option with numerous variations sans high costs. Moreover, every designer submits two or three options for the logo design in order to win the final prize of the competition. All this may look very enticing; however, in crowd sourcing the design process is not iterative. Many designers do not submit their best work because they are not sure that their designs will be chosen. Crowd sourced designs will be economical.


Remember, your logo is your brand's calling card. It is the first thing that consumers will notice and the last thing they will remember. Therefore, adequate resources should be committed to obtain a decent logo design. If you spend peanuts, you will get normal standardised designs.

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Guest Contributor