How Google PageSpeed Insights Can Save You Time And Money

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How Google PageSpeed Insights Can Save You Time And Money

Are you a blogger and familiar with Google PageSpeed Insights tool? If yes, it is good for you, and if not, that is not a big deal because you'll find what you need to know here. This article will help you understand all things that are important to know about this helpful tool. 

It is a fact that having a search-engine-optimized website is worthy of getting traffic. Similarly, another factor which puts an impact is the website's speed. The slower your website's speed, the higher the bounce rate becomes.

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So, your website needs to be quick and top-notch to get the best outcome. Now, what Google PageSpeed Insights is, what it does, and how it could benefit you, let us see further.

About Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is one of the best tools which you can have for your website's performance tracking. Besides giving out a perfect analysis of your website, the tool also suggests improvement tips. These tips and recommendations help you save your precious time as well as valuable money. Let's get into some fantastic features of Google PageSpeed Insights that might be useful for time and wealth saving.

An Absolutely Free Tool

The first and the most relevant advantage of the Google PageSpeed Insights tool is that it runs without any subscription charges. This eventually saves your money, and you could get maximum benefits out of it. You have to copy your website URL, go to the Google PageSpeed Insights website, and paste the URL in the dialogue box that appears. Then, click on Analyze button to proceed further and get insights about your site.

Problem Solving Reports

Recognizing and getting into the depth of your website and its various problems can take a significant amount of time. This would require a lot of searching and google. As long as you test any of your websites on Google PageSpeed Insights, it generates such a report which almost solves this issue. The information includes insights like Website Performance Score, Opportunities / Suggestions to improve Website Speed, Summary of Origin, and much more.

Some Interesting Suggestions

Google PageSpeed Insights tool is a solution for making your website respond faster and perform better. Here are some time-saving suggestions that it gives you to enhance website precision.

  • Eliminate the petty CSS code
  • Avoid Critical Request Chains to reduce latency
  • Remove Render-blocking resources
  • Reduce the JS code to minimize script parse time
  • Minimize TTFB (Server Response Time) through utilizing lightweight plugins or themes in your website and browser cache implementation. 
  • Sizing and Encoding Images correctly to minimize load latency
  • Convert Animated Images (with GIF extensions) into Video formats (mp4, WebM, etc.) 
  • Avoid so many page redirects while your webpage loads. This also improves the speed of your website.

This article covers most of what there is to know about the Google PageSpeed Insights tool and how it saves your money and time. Now, you can easily make your website work efficiently and get more traffic through the suggestions provided. So go out there and become one of the top bloggers across the world!

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