How Does Promoting Yourself on Twitter Lead to a Higher Salary?

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How Does Promoting Yourself on Twitter Lead to a Higher Salary?

A recent study found that executives with an active Twitter account have a higher chance of landing higher-paying jobs. The study was done by The University of Texas researchers, demonstrating that active promotion on the micro-blogging site leads to a successful job.

Andrew Whinston from Texas McCombs led the study of a well-known professor of risk, information, and operations management. Andrew and his research team conducted a study that showed a 32% higher probability of executives getting a high-paying job. These executives frequently promoted their skills, expertise, and knowledge on Twitter.

These findings are useful for those exploring better executive jobs and looking forward to getting promoted.

Facebook vs Twitter; which one is better for self-promotion?

The study was based on compensation data in which various CIOs, CPOs, and CEOs were involved. The choice of social media was Twitter. This is because it allows the individual to reach a vast audience compared to other social sites such as Facebook. The researchers analysed the total number of posts made by the executives and the size of the audience it reached in a specific time.

Further, the researchers also measured the number of tweets related to personal branding and matched them to job or business needs. These insights were used against a group of executives who did not utilise social media as their promotion strategy. For instance, the executive in the experimental group engaged on the micro-blogging site with self-promotion posts, whereas the other pair did not use Twitter.

The study was conducted when researchers paired both the executive groups. These groups were exploring similar jobs to see whether active usage of Twitter made a difference or not. The authors also considered the 2011 and 2012 Twitter upgrades regarding push notifications and expanded tweets.

Moreover, the researchers compared the job market performance and personal branding before and after the Twitter upgrade. This is because this may lead to another explanation. The explanation may suggest that the better job offers were also related to the contrasting personality traits of the executives.

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After the completion of the experiment, the study concluded that executives who used Twitter as a means for personal branding had a greater chance of gaining positions and offers with higher salaries in contrast to the executives who did not use Twitter to promote their branding. 

Whinston said, “Self-promotion functioned well in this class of people.”

Lower-level workers could benefit from using the site for their Personal branding.

Furthermore, the researchers also concluded that lower-level workers could benefit from using Twitter for their personal branding. Therefore, workers planning to get ahead quickly and earn a promotion can take advantage of the micro-blogging site and other social media sites available widely.

The researchers selected Twitter instead of Facebook for their study. This is because the site allows users to send messages to more audiences. However, in the case of Facebook, the application mostly targets family, friends, and mutual. 

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