How do Podcasts Increase a Brand's Recognition?

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How do Podcasts Increase a Brand's Recognition?

Podcasts are the latest way of gaining knowledge, learning new things, staying updated, and entertaining oneself. One of many reasons why podcasts are gaining immense popularity over time is that they have become one of the handiest and convenient ways of getting to know the latest news, trends, reviews, educational updates, etc.

This is because, unlike televisions, newspapers, or web articles, podcasts do not require one to glue themselves to one place or distract them from what they were doing simultaneously. People can listen to it whatever they want, whenever they want, on their cell phones while multitasking.

Hence, when we talk about marketing in terms of increasing a brand's recognition, podcasts have proven to be the new and ultimate marketing tool to give you and your brand the boost it requires. Many people are still new to podcast marketing and are often unsure how to promote their podcasts.

Well, if you're new to this particular marketing tactic, and are still not sure whether or not to invest your time on podcasts, then the following is what you need to know:

1. Builds a Relationship of Trust:

Podcasts have somewhat become the alternative for face-to-face communications. While we all know it is impossible to connect with each customer in person, podcasts provide you with a platform to start conversations with them.

This audio content effectively builds a relationship between the business and the customers because they can relate to another person's voice, emotions and experiences. The way you portray and deliver your content matters the most, which means don't just sell your services or your product but build an honest and emotional connection with the audience. 

2. Increase's Business Rankings and Improves Conversions:

We know how important it is to create web content, make it SEO-friendly, add keywords, etc. Similarly, when it comes to podcasts, creators can optimize them using appropriate keywords. These keywords can drastically affect and improve the rankings of your website.

You ask how? Here is how: When you create a podcast, you can also advertise it by linking it to your website. This way, you can attract more listeners and customers. Moreover, Search Engines pick up on all the engagement you receive on your social media platforms and help increase your website traffic and ranking.

3. A Cost-Effective Marketing Tool:

There is no denying that video content/ vlogging is one of the best ways to bring in an audience. However, considering the equipment cost and time that they require makes podcasts the far better option. It is more convenient as it requires no visually attractive setup or high-quality/ expensive filming equipment etc.

All you need is a good sound system, i.e. a microphone, which can cost around $70. More specifically, podcasts marketing is excellent for small businesses who do not have the financial means to afford professional video services. 

4. Possibility of Partnerships:

You must be familiar with influencer marketing. You might even be following a few on your Instagram. Well, similar to that, you can use your podcasts for creating partnerships with brands that are not your competition but target a similar audience as you. 

Furthermore, these brand partnerships help increase brand awareness by attracting previously familiar listeners with the partnered brand. As a result, these brand partnerships help grow a brand's recognition. Other than that, it also helps them gain conversions in the long run. 

Laiba Omer

Laiba Omer

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