Here is the List of Native Advertising Platforms 2021

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Here is the List of Native Advertising Platforms 2021

Paid online advertisement is crucial for businesses, and Native Advertising Platforms is considered a form of online advertisement. The most significant difference between a native advertising platform and other advertising platforms is that it’s native.

What does that exactly mean? It means that to the viewers or readers of a specific website, the native ads feel, look, and seem like an integrated part of the website's content. Hence, they are ‘native’ to the original content of the website.

Countless native advertising platforms create and support ads to match perfectly with the layout and structure of the website. In this article, we’ll be looking over a list of native advertising platforms in 2021 that can help you out a bit at the peak of their game.


It’s a known fact that Taboola is one of the leading native advertising platforms in the world. It is a platform that brings a wide range of information, advice, product, and services closer to the people. It has 1.4 Billion unique users worldwide, which guarantees that, if not all, most people will engage in the native ads put out by them.


Yet another native ad platform that is considered to be in the top-3. Outbrain is a very trustable platform working with renowned media companies and brands in advocating their product on the platform. The fact that Outbrain has been in the advertising industry for more than 14 years would tell you just how well established its ad services are


Revcontent is another native advertising platform on our list that connects advertisers and publishers to well-engaged audiences. It takes advantage of vast modern technological solutions paired with its partnerships with premium digital publishers from around the globe. This is to increase the traffic and engagement in the ads and allows advertisers to tap into the consumer’s demands.


MGID is an innovative native advertising platform whose priority lies in generating revenue growth for all parties involved in the online advertising industry. They believe that the key to success is the amalgamated use of a human-like approach and modern technology solution that can create an interaction that people can't help but engage in. Moreover, it also supports over 70+ languages making it very diverse for native ads.


Admixer is an independent tech company that has been building itself as a native advertising platform since 2008. They have managed to create such a platform that can make buying and selling ads online really easy and understandable. With over 10+ years of experience and 2000+ publishers, we can only assume the new height it can reach in 2021.

Other than the platform mentioned above, there are some honourable mentions. These include PubNative, MoPub, Navito, and Smaato, amongst many others. These are the best ones given that the global digital advertising market is one of the largest.

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