Here is How to Install & Use the Form Page Addons?

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Here is How to Install & Use the Form Page Addons?

Are you conflicted about brainstorming so that you could build creative landing pages for your form? We have got the perfect solution for you, Form Page Addons. The form page addons are a service that lets you produce new, creative, and custom standalone pages for your new or already existing forms.

In this article, we'll take you on a brief journey to introduce you to what form page addons are and how to install and use them. Hence by the end of this, you’ll easily be able to master the usage of form page addons.

What are Form Page Addons?

Addons are the most convenient and easy access services that create, manage and display pages for your forms. Form Page Addons are extensions that increase the function and usage of the program. Every program has its range of addons that only work with their program. For instance, if there is a Firefox addon, then it would only work with the said web browser and not any other.

How to Install Form Page Addon?

Installing a form page addon is relatively more straightforward as compared to other software. All you have to do is visit the program for which you are searching the addons, and you'll be able to install and activate it from there.
For instance: let us take into account the form page addons for WordPress. You can access and download the WPforms from the WordPress site. Once your license is verified-your addon is active and good to go!

Setting up Form Page Addons:

Now that you've cleared the first step of installing and activating a form page addons let us move towards setting it up. In this stage, you need to either create a new form or use an already existing one. After you've opened the form page addons, check the box which says "Enable Form Page Mode" in the settings. Furthermore, by checking this box, you'll be bombarded with many additional options-we'll walk you through them one by one.

Form Page Addon Title and Message:

Firstly, you will go ahead and add a form page title that will be displayed at the top of your form page in a large text. Secondly, type out the message you'd like to fill out the form regarding any detail or warning. Both the title and the message will be displayed above the form on top of the page


The Permalink is an important step in activating a form page addon. If the URL link where your form will be vied by the people. It would make things easier for you if you keep this URL short since this link is what you'll share with the users.

Other than these two main things, the header logo, colour scheme, style, and design of the landing page are equally important. Form Page add-ons make using, building, and designing pages for a form like a walk in the park.

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