Easy Troubleshooting Methods to Fix the Laptop’s Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

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Easy Troubleshooting Methods to Fix the Laptop’s Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

But, imagine a situation where you are about to submit an assignment and the Wi-Fi connection drops. That might be a dreadful experience, especially, when there is a deadline. There can be infallible reasons behind the Wi-Fi connectivity issue. It could be because of a defective router or modem. 

Additionally, connecting multiple devices with the Wi-Fi connection can create issues. As a result, you won’t be able to access the internet at the time you need. This can result in a crippling business as you may lose the customers. So, never let this sort of Wi-Fi connectivity issue hinder the business reputation. Consider resolving internet connection-related problems at the earliest possible. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions that you can apply to overcome internet issues. But before eliminating the problem, it's important to acknowledge the root source of the Wi-Fi problem. Make sure to contact the internet service provider because sometimes they turn off the connection to mend any internal glitch. 

Here are few more reasons which can help you to identify the Wi-Fi connection problem and fix it -

Start with Connecting with the Wi-Fi Network!

Well, you must know how to connect the device with the required Wi-Fi connection, right? After turning on the router, go to the Wi-Fi list, you will be prompted with the available networks. Go for selecting the correct Wi-Fi name and provide the 8-digit password next. However, if you have already connected the laptop with the Wi-Fi, the connection will automatically be established. 

Right after that, opt for checking the selected Wi-Fi’s strength by tapping on the Wi-Fi icon. The higher the numbers on the signal bar, the better Wi-Fi speed you will get. If you are getting 3 or 4 bars, this means the Wi-Fi has a high speed. But, if the signal has less than 3 bars, it indicates a slow connection. Here, we are mentioning the list of Wi-Fi icons that you might get in the long run:

Full Signal

If you see 3 signal bars, this means the device is connected to the selected Wi-Fi. And, you will be able to carry out all the internet-based work with this internet signal. But, if you are still getting issues, then it could be because of a problematic application. And, sometimes, a website or a firewall might block you from accessing the internet. In certain instances, consider contacting the veteran laptop repair Dubai experts. 

Weak Signal

Are there less than 2 bars? Then, you won't be able to access any web pages or even get issues while watching videos. Wait for a while, and then reconnect with the Wi-Fi connection to resolve the issue. Sometimes, you might be able to see any of these bars after connecting with the Wi-Fi. Usually, this sort of problem takes place when the device fails to connect to the internet. 

Though this problem seems to be difficult to resolve, it can be fixed easily. But, do you know how to overcome this “no connection” issue? Make sure to verify the IP address from the “Internet settings” section. After getting into the “Internet settings” tab, choose the Wi-Fi name and then choose “Hardware Properties”. Then, locate the IP address and make sure it's valid to get back the connection. 

What is the Fastest Way to Solve Wi-Fi issues?

Before you try any of the DIY solutions, it’s recommended to use Windows's Network Troubleshooter. And, this is an effective network diagnostic tool that can detect Wi-Fi issues and can even fix them quickly. 

But, do you know where you can find the Network Troubleshooter? Initially, you have to tap on the ‘Network'' icon, and then go to the “Open Network & Internet Settings” option. From there, look for the “Troubleshoot” option, and then tap on it immediately. Don’t close this Settings tab before this tool diagnoses the Wi-Fi problem. Voilà! You can now use the internet and watch unlimited movies without any interruptions. 

3 Potential Wi-Fi Issues and Their Solutions

There are certain common Wi-Fi problems that everyone faces. But, finding the right solution to those issues can be difficult. Most Wi-Fi users tend to think that they will require professionals’ help to fix those issues. 

But, many easy troubleshooting methods can help you to fix the Wi-Fi problems instantly. And, here we have mentioned the common Wi-Fi problems which the Windows users mostly report: 

1. The Wi-Fi Network isn't Visible, It has Disappeared

There can be several reasons behind this Wi-Fi problem. And, you won’t be able to get the Wi-Fi name on the list of the available network’s list. In certain circumstances, you have to check these aspects: 

Check the Wi-Fi Switch

You might have unknowingly turned off the router’s switch. And, if the Wi-Fi switch is off, then the Wi-Fi signal won’t be sent to the device. Further, the laptop users also won’t be able to receive any data from the recipient when the switch is turned off. Turn on the Wi-Fi switch, and then go to the Network icon to check if the Wi-Fi name is showing on the available Wi-Fi network’s list. 

Disable the Airplane Mode

If your device is in Airplane mode, then the Wi-Fi signal won’t be transmitted to the device. And, as a result, you won't be able to see the Wi-Fi name. Consider turning off the Airplane mode to get back the internet connection in the laptop. 

Fix the Network Frequency

This problem happens because the network is using a frequency that your device doesn’t support. Usually, Windows devices have the capability to support only a 2.4 GHz frequency band. But, if you are trying to connect with a 5 GHz band, then you will get connectivity issues. So, check the device’s network frequency before making any changes. 

2. Unable to Connect with the Selected Wi-Fi Network

Sometimes, you can face hindrances while connecting the Windows device with the Wi-Fi. Do you know why such an issue occurs? Well, there could be two possible reasons behind this connection failure. 

Go for Changing Incorrect Wi-Fi Password 

In most instances, entering an incorrect password can generate issues while connecting with the Wi-Fi. You might have provided the incorrect number or character, or letter in the password. For which, you are getting this Wi-Fi problem. So, make sure to put the right Wi-Fi credentials while connecting the laptop with the Wi-Fi. 

Problematic Router 

At times, the router can be the root cause of the Wi-Fi connection failure. Sometimes, the router can become faulty due to several reasons. And, overheating, hardware issues, and even dust accumulation can damage the router. Before replacing the router, consider resetting it once. You have to reset the modem and then restart your laptop. You can see the router’s green lights are blinking, and the Wi-Fi connection is back. 

3. Network Issues

Slow internet speeds and the connection is the prime cause of the Wi-Fi network issues. And, due to loose cable connection or weak signal strength, the internet speed might decline. You have to take immediate action to get rid of the network issues. Here is how you can remove the Wi-Fi network issues:

Make Sure the Wi-Fi Signal Strength is Good

If the signal strength is not strong enough, then you need to turn off Wi-Fi from the susceptible devices. Usually, a laptop requires more internet speed compared to any other smart device. So, consider turning it off and try to connect to another Wi-Fi router. You can try and switch to another channel. This is especially important if the problem occurs on the 2.4 GHz frequency band.

Misplacement of the Wi-Fi router 

If your router is placed far from the laptop, then you’ll need to get a wireless extender. This will increase the distance between the router and the laptop. The Wi-Fi signal strength might vary from one place to another. This usually occurs because there are problems with the wireless router inside the building or other nearby buildings block signals. 

Consider using a different Wi-Fi router and check whether the problem persists. Don’t place the router under the desk, and it can make the Wi-Fi signal weak. So, choose a proper place to avoid unwanted network interference. 

Take Time, Identify and Fix the Wi-Fi Problem!

Wi-Fi is one of the most useful technologies in our daily lives. Unfortunately, there are many different kinds of errors that can occur with this networking technology. Improper wiring is one of the most common Wi-Fi connection issues that you can solve easily. Nowadays, people are getting more accustomed to using Wi-Fi. 

Starting from printers to ovens to washers, you can now connect everything with Wi-Fi. Moreover, you can even access these internet-driven appliances remotely. So, it becomes essential to have a strong Wi-Fi network to ease life.

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