CMS VS. HTML: Why Use a Content Management System?

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CMS VS. HTML: Why Use a Content Management System?

In today's age and time, it is important to identify the requirement of having a presence online. What other better way you can do this other than working on your website? Whether you are a small business or an elaborate one, having a website will impact your business greatly.

We are not going to lie, the process is daunting and can prove to be challenging over the course of period. However, having the right knowledge will help you take correct decisions to save time and resources.

What is CMS & HTML? 

CMS is essentially a website-making software. It comes with pre-made templates and designs. You can make and run a website in much less time than it would take to write code. It is a great way to run, edit and update a website without the tedious prefixes and coding.

Especially great for people who have no prior knowledge of coding or website making. With a web CMS, you can make personalized content, fully control content delivery on IT platforms, and more. 

On the flip side, HTML is a language used to produce websites from scratch. It takes the code you've written and transforms it into an engaging platform with a better format, interface, and inclusion of videos, text, and pictures.

Without HTML, your website would be pages upon pages of boring text. It is an easy language to learn and open-source so you can make any command and feature through simple code. 


  • HTML is perfect if you're making a shorter website that doesn't need a lot of editing and updating from time to time since the only way to change a website made through HTML is through coding. On the flip side, you can make a larger website or even online shops with CMS, and it will take half the time to do everything and have the website up and running. 
  • Design changes and updating a website are faster on CMS; in this day and age, time is money. Even though HTML is more compatible with all sorts of platforms, businesses and companies still prefer CMS because of its efficiency. 
  • Customization is very important, and it makes a website unique. It is super easy and fast to do with pre-made CMS templates, which you can tweak and change accordingly, compared to HTML, which has to be done through tedious work in changing/updating the code. 

Do you need a Content Management System?

If you want a successful business, then you can use CMS to help you. It has many advantages, including its low cost and easy use. It can help you build the website and push your content out in digital media and business.

Using CMS is perfect if you're starting something new and don't have much business experience or money to afford to hire special developers to make apps, websites, and other software. Websites have come a long way, and now, people prefer the easy way to make websites through CMS because of its simplicity and very versatile interface for the ever-changing world of technology.

Laiba Omer

Laiba Omer

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