Adobe After Effects: Uses and Price Packages

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Adobe After Effects: Uses and Price Packages

Animation and visual effects are crucial parts of movies and motion pictures, and Adobe After Effects is the software you want to use. It is a highly versatile software. This means it can be used in video and image manipulation. Here is everything you need to know about it:

You might have noticed the fun graphics and visualization effects if you've seen animated or science fiction movies. You might be curious how animated effects are made and edited in these movies, which make it look so realistic and a part of the movie rather than a completely different identity.

Well, this is the work of After Effects. It is no secret that After Effects is extremely hard to learn. This is because it involves a lot of mathematical manipulation, coding, trial and error, and room for improvement. But, once you do master the art of motion graphics, you can use it for anything and everything. 

Uses of After Effects:

One of the most outstanding features of After Effects is motion graphics. It uses vector graphics and the movement of pictures to make interesting 2D and 3D animations. This is mainly done by manipulating the graphics through vectors and making the image come to life.

It may start as a black-and-white image, but you can jazz it up by adding colors, layers, tones, and sounds. Adobe After Effects is also used by movie editors and graphic designers, especially during the post-production phase of movie development. 

Adobe After Effects Pricing:

There are 3 price plans customers can choose from:

  • Annual Plan is a discounted subscription plan, which you can get for $20.99/month if you want to use After Effects for a whole year. 
  • A monthly Plan is great if you want to try out After Effects for a month and decide whether it’s what you want. It is more expensive than the annual plan, costing about $31.49/month, for a single-time use. 
  • Prepaid Plan is the plan to go for if you are well acquainted with After Effects and want to use it professionally for making animations and movies. It is a lump-sum subscription plan, costing a single user about $239.88/per year. 

Before you commit to giving After Effects a try, it’s important to remember that there is no free trial available before the subscription. However, you may be able to use a free trial once you download the Adobe suite.

After Effects & the Entertainment Industry:

Adobe After Effects has been used over the years to make different fiction movies and other forms of content. Some examples are:

  • UI interface of Google Home App
  • UI visual graphics in the movie Ender’s Game
  • Nike Advertisements 
  • Movie title of Star Trek: Into the Darkness

After Effects is nothing less than magic for people who want to make something unique from videos and images. It is a great tool in your creative software collection, as it can be used in many fun ways.

Laiba Omer

Laiba Omer

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