6 extraordinary eCommerce web design trends to implement in 2018

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6 extraordinary eCommerce web design trends to implement in 2018

For long time, e-commerce was organized by computer and laptop at home, but faster we are now shopping using cell phones and tablets. The increasing mobile nature of the eCommerce market is one of the defining characteristics in the next few years with a steady increase in the number of apps available for online shopping and sales, along with a growing number of web-based numbers. Companies offer mobile-friendly versions of their site to encourage more users, despite their favorite browsing tools for Ecommerce website also.

While brick and mortar stores eat most of the money spent in retail, but there is a clear tendency toward e-commerce giants like Amazon, and this e-commerce will be some time before effective power generation. In the meantime, though, it is still an integral part of the retail scenario and it is such that all business owners should keep a close watch. Below are some emerging trends in the eCommerce sector, which are proving to be real boon for the businesses they adopt.

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Designs are changing rapidly in the e-commerce area. Every website wants to provide excellent shopping experience to its users. Online shopping has become a priority for many shopkeepers all over the world. And website owners want visitors to stay on their site for a long time. Here, the website design is bridging the gap that plays a significant role in catching users' interest on eCommerce websites. Designs vary throughout the year. Here's an overview of the necessary website design components to be the full head this year.

Personalization and branding

A successful website design begins with branding elements. This can not be another way. Your e-commerce store is more personalized, it can make your customers feel more interactive. Start with the logo, in typography and, of course, visual elements that are aligned with the original values of your brand.

Which view can you use in 2018? Well, the same views used earlier will be enough, if they were already updated with the latest e-commerce web design trends, your customers' needs and, of course, your brand image. You can populate e-commerce tire with branded scenes in header images, backgrounds, forms and all those web elements where you interact with your customers or where customers interact with your store. Branding is important because it can help strengthen your company's identity and it becomes easy for your customers to recognize you and identify your brand.

Speed and security

Speed cases It matters a lot. According to Chemometrics, "half of web users expect to be loaded in 2 seconds or less, and they leave a site which does not load within 3 seconds. 9% of web buyers say they will not go back to the site to buy again, and 44% of them tell a friend that they had poor online shopping experience".

You can do a Speed Test with Google's Page Speed Tool and find out what you can do to load your website faster.

One more thing you should think about is your website and, of course, the security of your data. Consider obtaining the services of a virtual private network, especially if your website is on a local-based server located in your office. When you are researching your competition, a VPN can keep you safe and anonymous and you do not want them to know it. As a business owner, even if your e-commerce is only a small one, you always have to do such research and you have to keep things private. If you want to know more about the Virtual Private Network and how you can use it on your server, then you can read this guide published by Best VPN.

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Mobile Friendly Design

Finding some of the early e-commerce websites online is still possible. They are notable for design practices that make a modern web designer Vince. Clustered designs that attempt to throw too much information on the user from the time of page load, were one of the main problems. It is believed that the pages have been well loaded. In pre-broadband days of the Internet, pages are often loaded in phases, and this is probably a way to explain different design preferences. While modern e-commerce sites have been designed much more smoothly with the user experience, the slightest demand for running an embedded script was to struggle with early web designers of the hurdles.

Now when our computers and our internet connections are fast enough, we can do a lot of things beforehand in the hood of the website, while there is little impact on the user experience. Increasingly, websites have been designed with mobile in mind and some clean web design moves allow the design of a web page that loads into a configuration on the desktop or laptop, and the other for mobile and tablet. Even the sites that offer the app are looking to quickly optimize their browser based offerings.

Rich Motion Animation

Animation makes websites website attractive enough for users. Injecting such a design speaks volumes about the product that is shown. It enhances the shopping experience of users on the website and makes it enjoyable and playable. Icons create interactive on the website for design users such as rotation and loading times This sometimes lets your users realize that they get a realistic experience on your website. Rich Motion Animation thus makes customers with an unexpected memorable experience.

Material design

Material design is one of the most popular design trends that is more than minimal design aesthetics. Micro-animations are designed with the touch of micro-interaction. All these elements pave the way for user friendly browsing experience. Each single website is focusing more on user centric elements for adding more conversions. Material design creates a sense of depth and lets the user see the icon in a more specific way. This design is very common with flat design. But, the point of difference lies in depth and shadow which are integral parts of the physical design.

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More video content

The video is a wonderful medium to deliver complex information messages and to tell stories in an interactive way. The number of videos distributed on the web and the progress made by the Internet users is increasing. Therefore, it is no surprise that e-commerce companies have their own web design.

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