6 Best Credit Card Processing Apps for Android

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6 Best Credit Card Processing Apps for Android
  1. Create an account with a card reader company
  2. Buy a card reader to connect with your Android device
  3. Download the associated payment app on your tablet or smartphone

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Here is a list of apps and readers for credit card generators using android mobile easily. Each app has its benefit over the other. They vary from free to premium to handle all levels of mobile sales and transactions.


Square reader and mobile app is the most recognized and outstanding mobile credit card processor available. In the Square, they provide you a free card swipe reader and access to the square mobile point of sale app. But square pricing isn’t that cheap. Square accepts all credit cards and works on all android mobile devices. Manually entered transactions will cost a bit more. A free trial is also available.

It provides you with all the services like,

  • cash transactions
  • contactless NFC
  • electronic receipts
  • electronic signature
  • mobile card reader
  • PCI compliance

In Square pay a flat 2.75% for all swiped credit card transactions with no extra per-transaction or monthly subscription fees.


Started solely as an eCommerce provider, but it’s slowly built up its products into a powerful all-in-one platform so you can sell seamlessly online and in person, including its own branded third-party payment service, powered by Stripe. Shopify’s eCommerce tools are top of the line, and its POS app, called Shopify POS, is continuously improving.

Shopify POS is included for free with all Shopify eCommerce plans, which start at $29/month. Our full Shopify review breaks down your options for online selling. However, if you’re only interested in the POS and some entry-level selling tools, the Shopify Lite plan, at $9/month, might be appealing. It includes invoicing as well as the ability to create “buy” buttons and a Facebook shop. Shopify’s inventory is on par with Square’s, and most of its other features are firmly in line with Square’s as well.

Whereas Square is the best value platform if you plan to sell primarily in person and supplement it with online sales, Shopify is the best value platform if you want to sell online and complete it with in-person sales. I think that’s an important distinction to make. With Shopify, you get a completely seamless platform to manage all of your inventory and fulfill online orders across multiple channels. And now, Shopify is working on upgrading its features to make the platform more friendly to businesses with various retail locations.

Brain Tree

Want to accept PayPal payments, but still build your payment forms and accept credit cards directly? Braintree is a tool to make that possible. It lets you create your checkout process with its API, or you can use its hosted fields to accept payment info right inside your forms securely.

With that one payment form, you can accept credit card and mobile payment options (like Apple Pay and Google Pay), along with account-based payments (like PayPal), and payments from personal payment apps (like Venmo). You can also receive international payments directly in their local currency to get your own bank’s exchange rate or to offer store payments in multiple currencies (if your bank allows).

PayPal Here

PayPal Here has the widest choice of credit card readers. New account users can order the Mobile Card Reader for free, but this only accepts magstripe cards. The Chip & Swipe Reader (no tap function) can be purchased for $24.99, or you can opt for a Chip & Tap Reader (no swipe function) for $59.99. The $99.99 Chip Card Reader accepts all card methods, including swipe, tap, and chip, and has a keypad for PIN entry.

The transaction fee is a fixed 2.7% for all domestic debit and credit cards. A cross-border fee of 1.5% is added to all non-US cards, and a further 2.5% currency conversion charge is added where currency was converted. This can make PayPal quite expensive for those with lots of tourists or foreign customers.

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iZettle is unique in that it’s the only option on this list that doesn’t operate in the US at all. While Shopify, SumUp, and Square operate in the US and other countries, iZettle is predominantly a European third-party payment processor and is mainly well known in the UK. We’ll be talking about UK rates here, but if you’re in another country, you should check iZettle’s costs there. You can read our review of iZettle’s UK product for more information as well.

iZettle offers both standalone mobile processing as well as an integrated approach with e-commerce support. Its portable standalone option, iZettle Go, comes with no monthly fee. In-person transactions process at 1.75%, while invoices process at 2.5%. You can also treat iZettle as a countertop POS, though it doesn’t offer quite as many features as a full-fledged POS. You do get separate employee accounts and inventory tracking.

Sum Up

Sum up Card Reader is the least intimidating credit card terminal for Android: it costs only $39 upfront. It accepts NFC (contactless), EMV (chip), and magnetic stripe card payments and mobile wallets. There is no contractual commitment or monthly cost, and the transaction rate is a fixed 2.65% without an added fixed fee.

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Because the fee is only a percentage per transaction – with no monthly cost.

SumUp is an excellent alternative for merchants with small transaction sizes (if there was a fixed fee added. Like Square has, the overall percentage of the transaction fee would be high for low payments).

So, to conclude, you can use any of the above credit cards from buying small home stuff to buy cars in UK.

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