5 MacBook Apps That Can Help You Maximize Productivity

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5 MacBook Apps That Can Help You Maximize Productivity

We spend a lot of time in front of our Macbook, and it does not matter whether it is for personal or professional use. In any case, we tend to get distracted. We lose focus and end up either mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, watching Netflix, solving useless quizzes on buzz feed or browsing shops.

Whatever the circumstances really are, we wish we could be more productive and could get a lot more work done. So what can be done about this situation? To counter the issue at hand, here are five MacBook apps that can help you improve your productivity, much as they have done for many people previously.

They are as follows:


During the lockdown, most of us have started working from home. What that has done is force us to socialize via Zoom calls. The problem that we all face is a lot of background noise which distracts you enormously during meetings.

This is when Krisp comes into the picture, and it helps immensely to sort this out. With its artificial intelligence, it helps remove all of the background noise in your house. Now, with the help of the app, you take calls without distractions. It gives you 120 minutes every week of microphone noise removal. 


The second helpful MacBook app is the magnet. Magnet helps you organize the number of tabs and windows that you have opened on your device. It locks your windows to the screen so that you have a neat arrangement of tabs and do not lose focus.


This is yet another app that you can download on your iOS devices and MacBook, specifically. It is a great app to take notes. It helps you professionally as well as personally. The best features that this app has are all free. The free features include browser extensions and interactive boards, as well as task creation to organize notes.


Many people find that if they use Grammarly on their Safari or chrome, they get distracted. They start browsing through various relaxing options such as YouTube or Netflix. That’s why it’s convenient for one to download yet another MacBook app: the Grammarly app on iOS, which will make you focus on your work solely. It’s beneficial and allows you to free your mind of distractions and work. 


This brilliant tool helps you unlock your MacBook device if you are taking a break between your works. So you do not have to get distracted every time you get up to make yourself a cup of coffee or tea or any beverage you love. You can step away from your device for a bit and then come back and find it unlocked for you. 

We all procrastinate in some way or the other and need somebody/something to push us to work. For maximum productivity, you need an environment that is free of distractions and a mind that is entirely able to focus on our work. We can do this by creating such an atmosphere in at houses and our personal and professional spaces. These five MacBook apps will help you do that. 

Hopefully, you were helped by all the information above and installed these five MacBook apps. Download them now and help yourself focus!

Laiba Omer

Laiba Omer

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