Warum Sie als Grafikdesigner Adobe Illustrator beherrschen sollten

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Warum Sie als Grafikdesigner Adobe Illustrator beherrschen sollten

Adobe Illustrator is ideal if you are a graphic designer and wish to take drawings and doodles to the next level. It’s a tool you would want if you want to create things with your mind’s eye and explore your creativity

Following is all the information you should know about Adobe Illustrator and why it’s so popular:

A Digital Drawing Board

Adobe Illustrator is a computer software used to make drawings, illustrations, graphs, etc. Think of it as a digital drawing board with endless options. Web designers, digital creators, and graphic designers use it worldwide. In my opinion, the most noteworthy feature of Adobe Illustrator has to be vector graphics.

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It ensures that you get precise illustrations with perfection every single time. You can take full advantage of the sketching feature, which allows you to import images, sketch their outline, and go from there. Illustrator also uses an idea board for websites and how the finished product will look based on the digital prototype. 

Competitors in the Industry

Adobe Illustrator was introduced as the first illustrating software, but there are plenty of competing softwares that can be used by non-professionals.

Here are some of the many alternatives for Illustrator:

  • Vectrthe simplest alternative to Illustrator, allows you to get the full Adobe experience in a free in-browser/app version. You can make logos, images, graphics and text designs, layers, and more with Vectr. 

Inkscape, an open-source editing software, allows you to master vector graphics at a beginner’s level. Inkscape allows you to make changes in the primary software so that it can cater to your needs and preferences. 

Apache OpenOffice Draw allows you to make 3D models and images, similar to AUTOCAD support on Illustrator, without the complexities Adobe is infamous for. 

How much does Illustrator cost?

You can get Adobe Illustrator through subscription plans. A one-time subscription costs about $19.99/month, whereas a 12-month subscription plan is less expensive, costing approximately $17.99/month.

You can also download the entire Adobe suite for an additional $49/month, which comes with Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing you to link all other Adobe extensions and work in a fluid and effortless manner. It also gives you the necessary storage to save your files in the Adobe cloud. Adobe also gives its users an option for a week-long free trial before committing to a paid subscription. 

Illustrator's Sophisticated Features Ensures Top-Notch Quality

Several websites and online businesses use the software in the illustrations and editing realm to produce amazing results and graphics. 

The infamous video website, Dailymotion, uses Illustrator to edit photos, manipulate images and videos, make cool graphics, illustrations, animations, and more. 

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Open-source product provider Red Hat Software also makes its graphics and illustrations with the amazing tools of Illustrator. The icons, logos, doodles, and designs viewed on Red Hat’s website were created in Illustrator. 

This software is an amazing and sophisticated tool with features that can help you make illustrations of any kind, ensuring top-notch quality. 

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