Top 10 Benefits of using WordPress for your Business

Blogging platforms come and go but the case is different when dealing with WordPress. Since the inception of WordPress in 2003, it has grown from ubiquitous and simple blogging website to a preeminent and preferred open source website development platform. There are so many benefits of using WordPress that you need to learn.

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Currently WordPress is a content management system that has the highest number of users. According to Yoast. WordPress account for approximately 20 to 25% of all the new websites.

Nearly all businesses out there are seeking for WordPress design and development. It is a popular platform among both giant platforms and startups. Are you thinking of using this platforms to develop your new business website? Here are the top benefits of using WordPress for your business website.

1. Cost Effective

Gone are the days when web development would force a person to put the hand deep into his pocket. WordPress has shaped the way things are working in the market.

Web design and development on WordPress is extremely cost-effective. Besides, the expenditure for upkeep and maintenance is relatively cheap on WordPress.

In fact, you can do some of these things by yourself and hence there is no need to hire a designer all the time. Things like updating content on your WordPress website do not require any technical knowledge. It makes WordPress to be one of the most cost effective ways to run your business.

2. Update your website from anywhere

If you use a WordPress theme to develop your website, you can make relevant changes on your website from anywhere. The most important thing is to install the right WordPress database plugins and have a stable internet connection. All you need to do is login to the admin panel and you will be able to update your website with a lot of ease.

3. Search Engine Optimization Ready

One of the top benefits of using WordPress is that it is SEO ready. Websites that are built on WordPress have constant and simple codes. This feature makes these websites to be appropriate for Google indexing. Optimization is one of the critical success factors for any online business.

You can also customize the SEO components for every page and this will give you full control on the pages that you want to rank high on the search engine. You can choose to focus your SEO efforts on the high converting pages.

4. Convenient Syndication

We cannot overlook this factor when looking at the benefits of using WordPress. It is a highly effective way for earning inbound links for your website. Each time you publish a new blog entry, it can go to the RSS feed automatically. Therefore, it will make it much easy for other people to syndicate your web content across directories and also other websites. Everyone will want to have this ability on his or her business website.

5. Responsive Web Design

You cannot succeed in ecommerce unless you have a highly responsive website. Mobile traffic has already surpassed what is coming from desktop users. As a result, a responsive web design is a must and not an option.

When using WordPress to design your website, you will get the benefit of having a responsive web technology. You will not have to develop a different website for every device. The layout will load appropriately depending on the device that person is using to visit your website.

6. Easily upgrade the capabilities of your website

It can be extremely cumbersome to add new functionalities and features on a traditional website. It can even be much harder if you are using sophisticated platforms to create your website.

This is the exact opposite when you are dealing with a Word press-based website. You can easily install some WordPress Database Plugins and it will take you a few steps to upgrade your website.

Besides, the WordPress community is highly active and they document nearly all the best practices. Therefore, if you want to add some new features on your website, there are high possibilities that other WordPress users have documented on the same.

7. Appropriate for Aggressive Content Marketing

We are living in the dispensation of online marketing in which content has become of utmost importance. In this case, WordPress theme websites have so many benefits over the traditional ones. You can update the content on your website within seconds and you can do this as frequent as you wish without having to go through so many complex stages.

You can also update the design of your website within no time making it the most appropriate platform for tactical campaigns like holiday promotions. The ability to update your content regularly will help you to build niche credibility for your brand. Content marketing is one of the benefits of using WordPress websites that you cannot overlook as a business owner or manager.

8. Ultimate Social Media Integration

The other benefits of using WordPress is the seamless integration it has with social media networks. You are not expected to login to your Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts one by one. It will automatically inform your social network community that you are having some fresh content for them.

9. Increased Website Security

Initially, most users criticized WordPress for having poor security. However, this was a myth that has been debunked over time. All you need is a good WordPress designer and developer. These experts will fortify the security of your website to make it hack-proof. You cannot confess the same when dealing with traditional websites. Security WordPress Database Plugins will enhance the level of security for your WordPress plugin further.

10. Easy transition from one Designer to another

Unless you are highly loyal to your design firm or web designer, there are high chances that several design firms will work on your website. In the past, it was hard because every designer has his or her preferred platform.

The good thing about WordPress designing and development is that it operates on an open source and universal platform. It makes it easy for users to transition from one designer to the other.


These are the top benefits of using WordPress for your business. The platform is far much better than using traditional means to develop your website.