Launching Websites from Scratch VS Using Business WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the top choices for many customers when launching a business website. It’s one of the leading content management systems in the world.

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There is an ongoing dispute among business owners and web developers, and it sounds this way – should you launch a new website from scratch to use ready-made designs (e.g., business WordPress themes) for this purpose? Both approaches have their fans and critics. Which web development method should work best for you? You can find it out by weighing all pros and cons of each of these two methods. While some people prefer their websites to be built from scratch, others would be happier when they launch theme-based websites.

This article aims to compare the process of building a website from scratch with launching an online resource based on business WordPress themes. Let’s compare and choose the best option for your business. 

How to Create a Website with WordPress from Scratch VS Using Business WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the top choices for many customers when launching a business website. It’s one of the leading content management systems in the world. According to, 42.9% of the world’s websites are built with WordPress. The world’s most usable and feature-rich CMS provides extensive customization options and flexibility, allowing you to launch any online project easily. Using WordPress, you can launch a website from scratch or use ready-to-go designs for this purpose.

Both approaches to website construction have their pros and cons. The choice of the best road totally depends on your personal or business needs. If launching a website from scratch suggests you should have a certain design or coding knowledge, a ready-made theme can be used even by non-techies. Such ready-to-go solutions already include all that you need for your niche-specific project. Besides, one can use many free WordPress themes for educational purposes or to launch a small business website. If you need to launch a web store, consider working with WordPress themes for eCommerce.

How tech-savvy are you?

As we’ve already mentioned, choosing the best website creation approach depends on your background and skills. Launching a website from scratch should be the best choice for everyone with some design or coding skills. If you have never built websites on your own, using any of the best WordPress themes should be the right way to go for you. Most modern WordPress themes are compatible with drag-and-drop page builders and can be modified code-free. After you install a WordPress theme on your website, you can get straight to its modification using built-in designs, tools, and features. You can always download extra designs and functionality for your websites if you need more from third-party websites.

What’s your budget?

Next comes the money question. How much are you ready to pay to launch a website?

Building a website from scratch is always a more pricey choice. Hiring a freelancer, web design studio or web developer costs more than launching websites using business WordPress themes. The cost you pay for building a website from scratch depends on the complexity of the design and functionality of the project you wish to create. The average price tag for launching a business website starts at $2000.

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Ready-made business WordPress themes are available at different prices. Different developers set their unique price tags for their digital assets. Besides, premium WordPress themes can be downloaded under different licenses (e.g., single-site license, GPL, buyout, etc.). Every project made with the best WordPress themes is unique and should be adjusted to match the company’s branded style. Building websites with business WordPress themes may fall far below $1000.  

Time Matters

How fast do you wish your project to be launched? Can you afford to wait for a few weeks only, or do you not hurry up and can allow a web developers’ team to work on your website for as long as needed?

Building a website from scratch is a more time-consuming process. It can take several months to half a year to wait until you see the final result. Using the best WordPress themes, you can get your website up and running in less than a month. Working with ready-made web design solutions is a more convenient because you can see a template of the layout suggested to be imported to your website.

How unique should your website be?

Building a website from scratch means every element of its design, and all pieces of functionality will be created and set up to match your project exclusively. A custom-built web project makes it more likely that your web project will look one-of-a-kind.

Launching websites with ready-made themes might put you at risk that can come across another website with a similar design. Launching theme-based websites, you need to pay more attention to the customization process. Replace the default visuals and color schemes with the ones that would reflect your brand identity and appeal to your target audience.

Website Functionality

Functionality is one of the vital elements of any website. Both custom-made and theme-based websites should be optimized to provide the target audience with all the functional elements they expect to find on niche-specific projects.

When building a website from scratch, your developer should manually add the essential elements to your website. If you decide to build your project using the best WordPress themes, you may expect to find all the required functionality inside your web theme’s download package. Besides, you can always expand and improve your theme’s performance using third-party tools and features.

Bottom Line

Today, you should have no difficulty choosing the best method to bring your website online. Some many independent freelancers and developers can create any project for your needs. There are also many stunning ready-made web design solutions in different styles and featuring various functionality for your industry-specific business needs. The choice of the best website-building method depends on many factors, including your budget, how fast you wish the project to be launched, the functional elements it should contain, etc. Launching a theme-based website is always a more cost-effective and less time-consuming approach that users of all skill levels should enjoy.

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