How to Track, Manage, & Control File Downloads in WordPress

A WordPress file supervisor can help increase engagement, analyze traffic, download files, and grant required access to the customers easily. It is not suggested to upload file and download posts with the link since it cannot be tracked or managed well.

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There are various other reasons that an individual would prefer to track these downloads, such as restrict the user roles and grant access to the files to only a few.

In this article, we have mentioned three file supervisors that can manage, track and control file downloads in WordPress conveniently.

1- WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce plugin available for WordPress. This platform is suggested for users who wish to sell physical goods and also sell file downloads.

The platform is fully capable of managing downloads, analysing viewers, and generate insights after analysing the stats.

To begin with, one must set up, activate and configure the WooCommerce plugin from WordPress. All you have to do is add the first file through Merchandise with the product name and description. Next, you can enter the price of the item, image and other details before publishing your product. Your viewers can then access the product and add them to the cart for checkout.

The data related to the procedure will be downloaded to the customer’s browsers. To view how each webpage or sales are doing, go to Studies webpage on WooCommerce for comprehensive information.

2- WordPress Download Manager

WordPress Download Manager is an excellent and dedicated platform to manage, and track free as well as paid files. It offers more specific and relevant features for the website but with less extensibility as compared to WooCommerce plugin of WordPress.

After installation of the WordPress plugin, you must activate it and then add the file that you want to download to the manager. Mention the details of the product and set the settings of the package or the file. Once you are through those steps, you will be offered lock options and icon option before you can post your file online.

Incorporating the downloaded files onto your site is straightforward when using WordPress Download Manager.

3- MonsterInsights plugin of WordPress

If your website offers free downloads, then you must not have any concerns about handling or analyzing downloads manually. However, suppose a user decides to get an overview of these downloads. In that case, he can quickly figure out which file is liked, downloaded or engaged with the most. This data can be super beneficial when planning future content for the website. Even though Google Analytics does not offer these features on its own, but a plugin for WordPress, MonsterInsights can.

At first, you should install and enable the MonsterInsights plugin to link the WordPress website to the plugin. As long as you do not want to accommodate complicated stories in your site, the free version of this plugin will work just fine for you. Once linked, this plugin does not ask for more configuration; instead, you can directly head over to the Insight -> Studies to get a comprehensive statistics and information on how the customers are engaging and downloading with your website with the help of provided hyperlinks.

This step will direct you to the page where you will get complete data with the URLs of the downloaded information. Navigate to Record Downloads to get all the extensions narrowed down in front of you and Save Adjustments. Now MonsterInsight is responsible for monitoring and managing all your attachments and downloaded files.

In the long run, these platforms can significantly promote to growth of your site or business.