8 Online Places to Learn WordPress Inside Out

WordPress was initiated as a blogging system but with time it evolved into a content management system. It powers and runs over 30% of the internet today and shows no sign of decreasing. With the launch of new features, plugins, themes it is thriving and further expanding the blogs, online stores, news, web pages.

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It can be intimidating for a beginner to enter the world of WordPress, but gratefully there are many resources and websites available to help and provide one with a great understanding of WordPress and its ins and outs.

In this article, we will discuss 8 best Online Places to Learn WordPress.

1. WP101

WP101 is a paid website that provides the beginners organized and well-scripted tutorials to WordPress and its plugins. However, the first few videos are available for free to the users, so that they can check the quality of the tutorials before subscription.

WP101 solely focuses on WordPress as compared to other websites, it does not cover as many WordPress topics but it offers all the basic courses that a beginner requires getting started. This website is up to date to with operating system and its plugins, ensuring that you grasp every feature of it and comprehend thoroughly.

2. Udemy

Udemy claims to be “a global marketplace for learning” since any individual around the world can put up their courses and sell them. Udemy provides numerous online courses, to help you forge ahead of your career.
It offers a huge collection of courses related to WordPress, whether you are a beginner or a professional developer, Udemy offers a course to enhance your knowledge on WordPress. Course instructors in Udemy set their course rates therefore the rates can range from free to up to $200. We advise you to go through your options.

3. LinkedIn Learning – Lynda

Lynda is somewhat similar to Udemy in aspects of its quality, however, it is a single institution, unlike Udemy that lets any individual put up their courses for sale. Whether you are getting started on WordPress, creating a website from scratch, want to learn some tricks or get familiar with the plugins, Lynda offers plenty of courses to fulfill your requirements.
Once you are through the beginner’s stage, this website provides advanced courses and techniques to improve your skills. Lynda offers a free monthly trial and then charged you based on your selected plans.

4. iThemes Training

The iThemes are widely famous for their plugins specially iThemes Security and BackupBuddy. The iThemes Training has different sections, some of these are free for the users. It has a feature that lets the user talk with professionals live for free, with this it offers hours of training tutorials. The content that is put up on this site is top-notch and better than most. This website offers courses related to WordPress design, WordPress security, and many more.

5. WordPress TV

Tutorials on WordPress TV are concise and accurate. From basic WordPress related queries to specific advanced questions regarding its features and plugins, they have a lot to offer. The videos and its content covers both WordPress.com and sites on WordPress.org.

It offers a feature that lets the user not only interact in the comment section but also upload their videos regarding the subject. The user does not need to sign up, they just need to tune in since the website is free to all.

6. WP Beginner

As the name suggests, WP beginner is merely for beginners, veterans might not get much out of it. The tutorials provide easy solutions to the problems that might occur in the blogosphere, articles on how to create a site, and utilization of features available, without using much code.

Furthermore, it offers in-depth training and consulting, links, guides, and resources to content-related and important to WordPress.

Aside from premium, the site is free to the users, one only needs to sign up with their email address.

7. WP Apprentice

WP Apprentice provides a structured learning process to its users, it claims that anyone who watches their videos will understand the basics of WordPress within an hour. The blog offers a variety of training courses, for you to pick and learn as to how to build your website easily with WordPress.

Moreover, it provides step by step procedures on how to install, post, uses widgets, change themes on WordPress. It’s a beginner’s website offering basic knowledge about WordPress and its features. It costs as less as $47 for one-time use and varies with the package that you subscribe to.

8. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a way for you to stay up to date with all the new additional features to WordPress. This publication has merely dedicated a section to WordPress, the articles on the website cover topics such as blog development, designing methods, plugin utilization, content improvement, and much more.

They offer thorough lessons for beginners as well as advanced level users. The articles and videos on this publication are free to all, but they suggest e-books and other material for better understanding which is offered at a minimal price.