Why LinkedIn has Become a Powerful Tool

By utilizing a platform, like LinkedIn, you build your social media presence so that you raise awareness of yourself and your brand.

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the value you bring to the table, the expertise and solutions you have for your ideal clients, and the impact it will have to make their lives better. 

For a business to reach the heights of success, it is necessary to know the art of personal branding. Personal branding does not only serve as an extension of business, but it can also become an altogether business brand. It helps entrepreneurs to build strong connections with significant customers by engaging with them and providing better services. 

As found in a recent study, 83% of customers appreciate the brand’s response on social media, and 77% of the users agreed to follow brands with useful content.

As we know, LinkedIn has become the most trustworthy platform for promoting personal branding. So, what is the reason behind the importance of LinkedIn in building personal branding? Let’s find out:

Most Authentic and Trustworthy Platform:

Nowadays, people do not only spend their time on Facebook and Instagram but also invest their money and time on LinkedIn to stay connected with the business world. A study based on Insider Intelligence’s 2020 Digital Trust Report found that LinkedIn has been the most trusted social media platform for 4 consecutive years. Creating and building a personal brand on LinkedIn validates your business’s authenticity and increases credibility. 

Increases Brand Visibility 

If you have an optimized LinkedIn company page and profile, then your business is more likely to appear in the Google search and in front of a greater audience. Therefore, ensure to use relevant keywords in your page description and bio to increase the credibility of your profile. Also, use descriptive definitions in your company name and job title and complete all the important descriptions. 

Increase your Reach

While LinkedIn only allows you to have up to 30,000 connections, 310 million active monthly users are on LinkedIn. That means the reach potential of people seeing your profile and your content is tremendous! 

recent study found that 79% of marketers consider LinkedIn the most useful source for leads. There are more than 310 million active users on LinkedIn, meaning thousands of industries are using this platform. Moreover, LinkedIn allows you to have up to 30,000 connections to reach potential stakeholders and be visible among millions easily. 

However, you must update your profile regularly and keep relevant content to build a strong personal brand to reach millions of potential users. 

Showcase Your Unique Perspective

LinkedIn allows users to portray their expertise and express a significant point of view. The site is not only about individual accomplishments but also about the unique perspective and characteristics that can help you build your brand. All the activities, such as the groups you join and the activity feed on LinkedIn, help you build connections and find an audience to achieve your marketing objective.