What is a Beginner Coding Language?

There is no correct answer to which language is the best beginner coding language.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When selecting a beginner coding language to learn, there are numerous options. Because whether you choose to start coding as a hobby, a new career, or to improve your current role, the first thing you’ll need to do is decide on which programming language to learn. 

Of course, there is no correct answer to which language is the best beginner coding language. Selecting the first language depends on the type of tasks you would like to work on, whoever you want to work for, and how simple you want it to be. 

Following are some of the common preferences:

1. Python 

Python is frequently recommended as a beginner coding language since it is straightforward and entertaining to learn. It has an English-like feel and is simple for a beginner programmer to learn. This allows you to obtain a basic understanding of coding practices without worrying about minor nuances that are often crucial in other languages.

Python can also be used for web, GUI, and application development. Indeed, it was utilized to create Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify, suggesting that it is in high demand among all businesses and allows for a faster onboarding process.

However, despite its benefits, it is frequently regarded as a slow language that necessitates more testing, and it isn’t as beneficial for developing mobile applications as other languages. 

2. Java 

Java is a popular object-oriented and feature-rich programming language. It was designed with the premise of “Write once, run anywhere,” which means it can be written on any machine. It also works cross-platform, making it a perfect option for a beginner coding language!  

Thus, it is one of the most sought-after (read: well-paid) language skills. So, if you want to learn a language that will help you get a great job, it could be the one, mainly since top employers for Java programmers include eBay, Amazon, and IBM. 

Moreover, as Java is the core of the Android operating system, it is commonly used for Android and iOS application developments, making it one of the most critical choices if you genuinely want to create mobile applications.

While it is not as simple to learn as Python, Java is a high-level language still accessible to beginners. However, it does have a slow startup time and will take far longer for beginners to deploy their first project. 

3. C#

While C is among the trickiest languages to learn, it still is an outstanding beginner coding language. This is because it is used to implement almost all programming languages. This implies that once you’ve mastered C, you’ll be able to learn other languages such as C++ and C# quickly. 

Since C is much more “machine-level,” learning is excellent for learning how a computer works. Software developer Joel Spolsky likens it to learning basic anatomy before being a medical doctor. This makes it the most efficient code. 

As a result, if you’re up for the challenge, C is an excellent choice for becoming a master coder. Moreover, a talented developer right away.