Best Paraphrasing Tools to Rewrite Content

One of the most tedious tasks that a writer might have to do is rewriting or rephrasing the content. This process doesn’t only take time; it also requires a lot more focus. Mainly because a rewrite must be better than the original.

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Looking to rewrite content? Let’s explore a few of the best paraphrasing tools for that.

That’s why many writers struggle with it and employ the help of a rephrasing tool. Such tools aren’t only helpful in changing the tone of a text and for doing it quickly. The growing popularity and usage in academic and professional settings warrant their importance to writers.

But which of them are the best? Moreover, when should you use one? Let us dive in and find out.

When Is Rewriting Content Necessary?

Rewriting content is necessary whenever its quality, integrity, or originality is in question. Suppose you think content isn’t going to perform well in its respective setting, i.e., academic or professional. In that case, a rewrite might be on the cards.

Some of the most common reasons professionals and students rewrite their text are because:

  • The quality isn’t good
  • The content has plagiarism
  • Changing or altering the content tone
  • Removing redundancy
  • Elevating overall content quality

These are some of the most common reasons to rewrite content. However, there could be other goals behind it, such as updating an article from a year ago, i.e., making a listicle from 2021 suitable for 2022. On the other hand, a student might change their content to avoid plagiarism or turn the content’s tone more academy-like.

Either way, a rewrite is only necessary when the content’s supposed goal isn’t reached because of one of the aforementioned reasons. However, the most common reason a lot of writers rewrite their text today is to avoid or remove plagiarism from it.

Why Paraphrasing Tools Are Important To Rewrite Content?

Rephrasing or rewriting is a lengthy process. It’s not only tedious, but it can also be frustrating because of the time it takes. Imagine telling a writer that the article they spent hours writing isn’t according to the guideline.

Or, tell a student that their content isn’t exactly up to the mark. While there’s nothing wrong with either, it’s very frustrating for the writer. When paraphrasing tool makes rewriting content easy, which is a lengthy and unwanted process otherwise.

A paraphrasing tool depends on a few key pillars, such as:

  • AI & NLP
  • Ability to alter the content tone
  • Change content’s flow

On top of all that, a paraphrasing tool does it very quickly. Where it’ll take a writer around 1-2 hours to rewrite 1000 words, an AI-based rephraser will do so within a minute or so. Therefore, saving time and rewriting efficiently are two of the significant reasons paraphrasing tools are essential.

 3 Best Paraphrasing Tools In 2022

The best paraphrasing tools are the ones that provide all the ease that we’ve talked about so far. To make things easier for you, we’ve picked 3 of the best tools available in 2022. Therefore, let’s get started:

1.   Paraphraser is one of the common names that pops up whenever you look for rephrasers in Google. However, the quality and integrity that this rephraser achieves are unmatched by any. Therefore, it’s number one on our list.

What makes it a suitable fit for the title of best paraphrasing tool? It has a few things, such as:

  • Changing content tones
  • Up-to 500-word limit
  • Improving content quality
  • Elevating content flow

These factors alone make it a better rephraser than most free ones.

2.   My Assignment Help’s Paraphraser

My Assignment Helper is a website targeted toward students, but anyone can use their rephraser. The tool has all the necessities you need in a paraphraser to rewrite content.  

While the 500-character limit might be a little less for some people, it’s ideally used as a sentence rephraser. And you get various content tones in this one as well.

3.   Ivy Panda’s Paraphrasing Tool

Ivy Panda’s paraphraser isn’t too far behind. In fact, it’s one of the three best tools on this list, and there are plenty of reasons for that. For instance:

  • Ability to pick paraphrasing intensity by percentage
  • 5,500  characters, or around 600 words
  • Rephrasing quality, i.e., natural tone retention

All these factors make it an ideal tool for any writer in any industry, niche, or setting.


These are some of the best tools available today for content rewriting. All three of these rephrasers tend to the quality aspect we spoke of earlier. Therefore, take your pick and rewrite away.