5 ways that modified the way we use internet in COVID19

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a massive pandemic with which each country is fighting to survive. This has generated a severe public health risk, and to minimize the effect here, central, and state governments are taking different kinds of safety measures.

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The Central government has announced lockdown in the whole country till 3 May 2020. Being respective citizens of India, everyone is complying with the guidelines issued and maintaining social distance with their near and dear ones. Due to this, the use of the internet has increased extensively around the globe as most of the people are using most of this time by utilizing it in learning new skills and searching for their unique areas of interest.

Here are 5 ways how COVID19 has changed the way we use the internet

1. Education Advancements

Due to lockdown, all schools and colleges are closed, so as a result, the studies of the students were getting hampered, and to avoid this, most of the schools and colleges have started taking classes online.

There is plenty of new software designed for this purpose. But before this situation, the students generally used the internet for scrolling their newsfeed and spending most of the time ideally or watching videos on YouTube and not focusing on the studies.

Now, as teachers are taking live classes so the students cannot bunk their live classes as teachers can see who is attending the course and who is not and accordingly contact the parents of those students. For students, the use of the internet during the whole day has changed drastically as they have to complete their assignments online, attend the tests online and even contact with the teachers through video calls or simple calls.

2. Learning new Skills

As everyone is locked inside their homes and enjoying their quarantine days, many people want to learn some new skills or polishing their existing skills and to fulfill these needs. Many online platforms are providing paid and free courses. Many educational apps are making their classes free so that the learning of the country does not stop.

Every day many individuals are enrolling in different kinds of courses so that after lockdown, they can show off a new skill or certificate in their CV or resume to impress the higher authorities or help the freshers to get a new job with their advanced capabilities.

Many platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, and many more websites are offering courses to join according to the interest or needs of the individual in many languages. The educators teaching there are professional, and they teach in a very professional manner. They provide many portals in which one can connect with the educator directly.

Many freshers and teenagers are engaging in these courses so that they can learn some new skills and use them in their office or saving for the future. This is one of the good things that, due to lockdown, one can make the most of his or her time and use it judiciously.

3. Work from Home

Due to lockdown, many corporate houses had to shut the offices, but they cannot stop their operations, so due to this, many employees are continuing their work from home. Due to this, the telecom companies are earning a massive profit because of carrying the work from home, and they need the data connection more reliable and with a lot more data.

Employees are paying the extra amount to ensure that their association with the office does not stop, and they can continue their work without any interruptions or hassle. Here router login access plays a prominent role if you face WiFI access issues Many are installing the desktops from their office either because of any particular software or due to the version their systems have.

Honestly, many people are enjoying their work from home due to no code of dress. They can wake up before their call time and sit in front of their screen or desktop, no pressure of waking up early in the morning, getting ready, and tolerating that massive crowd of the metro.

4. Binge Watching

People are spending hours and hours in front of their screen watching new movies or web series during their free time or the whole night. The companies running those platforms are earning the right amount of income as compared to their regular days. People are also enjoying watching them, and eventually, they are getting addicted to them.

They are not aware of their sleep schedule or a regular daily schedule; they are just being a bed crawler the whole day and watching on their phones or laptops or television screens. If we notice the charts of income of entertainment platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Voot, and many more, we can observe an increase in their graph of new customers and revenue in the last two months.

It is an excellent way to keep yourself busy and not overthinking and getting stressed about the disease spreading all around the world and staying away from the fake news.

5. Bibliophiles reading more

A true bibliophile will be enjoying this period because he or she is getting the opportunity to read as many books they want without any interruption from anyone. Still, they will not be able to purchase any new books for now, so they are joining online book reading communities such as Kindle or Audiobooks.

Yes, a true bibliophile doesn’t prefer reading from the screen and enjoys the smell of a new book, but something is better than nothing.