10 useful web analytics tools

Tracking statistics and correctly interpreting these data is the key to success when promoting almost any brand.

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The success of your company is based on the correctness of the analysis. That is why it is essential to use the available tools correctly to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.


Many enterprises, regardless of turnover and popularity, maintain various spreadsheets. They record sales volumes, customer turnover, and ordering features to use this data for future development and service quality improvement. These records can significantly increase any business’s efficiency and attract new customers’ attention.

At the same time, entering all the data will become a rather difficult task for online businesses. It cannot be easy to track performance with conventional tools. The success of the implementation of specific ideas directly depends on the results. Particular attention should be paid to cryptocurrency projects ICOholder and other modern solutions that combine various marketing strategies and traffic sources.

There are many subtleties to consider to determine how your business will develop. It is better to use full-fledged analytical systems that allow you to track many different parameters in real-time at minimal cost to you and your business. Using the right analytical tools, you will increase your working efficiency and attract the attention of professional investors. Below you can find a rating of the ten most helpful web analytics tools that allow you to automate many business processes.

Google Analytics

This tool is known to many as many beginners, and professional companies use it. With the help of this service, you can get all the necessary information. Moreover, this tool is available free of charge, which is its main advantage.

At the same time, this web analytics tool is far from suitable for all sites. It is usually used for blogs or small news thematic resources. Of course, everyone can use the service according to their preferences and tasks, but this solution is not optimal for affiliated sales. This is because you are passing too much information to the service, which can violate the privacy of users of your service.

If you omit the disadvantages, this tool will be a great helper for beginners. It is suitable for fixing a variety of performance indicators of your site. You will be able to know the exact metrics.

Among other valuable features, you should consider the high usefulness of using it to the maximum. This famous free tool has been a leader in the modern market for many years. This is primarily an excellent solution for those who are just starting to work with analytical data on their own.

Clicky Analytics

This good analytical tool has gained tremendous popularity among many users. This is a professional service that is also great for beginners.

The main feature is that you can receive information in real-time when making any changes to the site when visiting the resource through external links.

Thus, with the help of an analytical service, you will be able to receive only up-to-date analytical data to conduct an instant assessment. At the same time, the service is distinguished by its functionality and ease of use for beginners, for which it has gained popularity in the modern market.

Mint Analytics

This is a convenient and productive web analytics tool that is in great demand among a large number of users. You only need to pay for this service once. The one-time payment is thirty dollars. After that, you can freely use this service’s available tools. This is the most profitable option among paid services, as you can save a lot on costs.

This software offers efficient and intuitive functionality that displays all the necessary information in real-time.

This service is similar to many others but also great for beginners. With it, you can conduct the most thorough analytics without spending much money.

Church Analytics

This is the original web analytics tool. It has an attractive device that deserves attention from users.

Among the main features are conciseness and ease of use. The web analytics tool displays all the necessary information about your site, so you can find important data to promote better and attract targeted traffic.

Simple navigation makes managing all the main functions even more accessible. A well-thought-out analytical system allows everyone to use only those needed parameters, considering the numerous available options.


This is one of the most professional web analytics programs explicitly designed for users. This tool is most often used to analyze online trading sites. Therefore it contains all the necessary functionality to implement these tasks.

Also, this tool can be used to analyze blogs if necessary. It can be used with other services to increase the efficiency of capturing all results.

Open web analytics

This is a simple and intuitive financial instrument distributed with open source code so everyone can participate in the development. This software can be used to track and analyze a wide variety of performance indicators.

Among other features of this tool, you should pay attention to the fact that this web analytics tool is distributed free of charge. This is an excellent alternative to expensive software.


With this web analytics tool, you can track which resources drive traffic to your site. This tool also allows you to track the main actions of site visitors and correlate the information with the most popular activities. The information obtained can be used to improve the quality of customer service.

If you want to understand the behavioral patterns of your customers, then this web analytics tool will be the best functional solution for you.


This very handy web analytics tool lows you to get information in a graphical display. Among the main features are:

  • Using a heat map, you can track which positions on your site users like the most.
  • Scrollmap is a feature used to determine how quickly users leave the page they are viewing.
  • Confetti is a feature that allows you to sort clicks to identify the most popular sections on the site.
  • The Overlay is usually used to see the total number of clicks on elements.

This is one of the best tools where you can see a visual display of analytical data.


This is an excellent modern web analytics tool that offers a lot of features. To get started, you need to insert a tracking tag into your site to provide real-time access to all components.


This service is actively used to analyze your site’s leading indicators. This tool can quickly analyze the site’s speed and track the security features and technologies. This tool differs significantly from many analogs, offering broad functionality for users.


You need to use analytics tools to track key performance metrics for a website to deliver results. With the help of intelligent analytics, you can significantly transform your online business, draw attention to your blog, or implement other tasks. Analytical information will help highlight the critical points for attracting targeted traffic. You can try each of the tools listed above to find the best option for you.