Who can use a 3D Pen?

3D pen is a creative technology that has been known by many. However, few of us are still contemplating the essence of using it. While some have thought the 3D pen is only a toy meant for kids, the usefulness of this technology in our world cannot be underestimated.

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What is a 3D pen then? Who can use it? How do we use this device? And what are the things to make with a 3D pen? All of these questions will be given due recourse to this article based on our experience using the magical gadget.

What is a 3D Pen?

To put it simply, a 3D pen is a device used in printing three-dimensional images. It’s an innovative technology invented by the trio of Peter Dilworth, Maxwell Bogue, and Daniel Cowen, according to Wikipedia. The device works by discharging heated 3D pen filament that cools almost immediately into a solid and stable structure, thereby allowing for creativity with free-hand.

Who can use a 3D Pen?

A 3D pen has been designed in three models. The first is a “Start,” “3D Simo Basic,” or “IDO3D vertical,” which is designed for little ones. This 3D pen for kids has contributed to our success in teaching and the kids’ achievements in learning. Children use it as instructional material to figure out ideas into concrete evidence to further enhance their knowledge in class.

Teaching kids with this device has made learning an enjoyable exercise. Kids also make their playtime with this device by creating images and characters they have seen in cartoons, movies, and games, among others.

The second model of 3D pen is a “Create,” “MYNT3D Printing Pe,” or “3D Simo Kit,” which is designed for adults. It’s a 3D pen for hobbyists with great features and functionality. The 3D pen for adults has been a great inspiration for us in creating intricate objects and has helped to make concrete and prototype ideas.

The third model of 3D pen is a “Pro” or “Simo Multipro,” which is also designed for adults. This 3D pen boasts adjustable settings and the most complicated features of high precision. A pro can use it to create a highly innovative drawing. We use this device in the office when doing some creative projects requiring complexity and readjustment.

These models thus have different functions and features to suit the need of the users. And they have been highly inspiring in transforming ideas into real actions. It has served as a shift from the 2D paper conceptions to the visualization of ideas and images in 3D.

How do we use a 3D Pen?

A 3D pen, when put to effective use, will no doubt inspire our inventive mind. Thus, you need to learn how to use a 3D pen to suit your desired objectives and purpose. The 3D pen uses filaments to visualize and transform our conceptions into projects. It’s a device that could be used in different applications. The first of which is minor post-processing and printing repair. This device, when connected with a 3D printer, can be used to break areas proving difficult for professionals and hobbyists.

The second category of application for a 3D pen is its use by an artist in making decorative and artistic designs. This device has been very beneficial for us in making a sculptural, crafty, and fine art drawing with ease.

Our art exhibition and studio work have been advanced with the use of this device in shaping and creating more realistic ideas.

The third category of application for a 3D pen is its use in making prototypes and 3D designs of fashions, automotive, and pieces of jewelry by different professional designers. It gives us the opportunity to brainstorm and visualize ideas.

The fourth category of application for a 3D pen is its use in teaching. This device has been a good innovation in creating instructional materials and 3D pen ideas for beginners.

We use this device to transform ideas thought in class into concrete evidence for kids and learners. This device has helped us create a link in knowledge for effective classroom teaching and learning.

What are the things to make with a 3D Pen?

Numerous things could be achieved with a 3D pen. The things to make with a 3D pen are subject to your needs, goals, objectives, and purpose. We use this device to create different artistic designs, prototypes, printing repair, and teach, among others. Thus, its essence in inspiring our creativity cannot be undermined.

Have you ever used a 3D pen? Kindly tell us your experiences in the comment section below.