ParaphrasingTool.AI Vs. Wordtune – Which Is The Best Paraphrasing Tool?

ParaphrasingTool.AI is a remarkable tool, but so is Wordtune. So, which one of them is better at paraphrasing?

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ParaphrasingTool.AI is a remarkable tool, but so is Wordtune. So, which one of them is better at paraphrasing?

Wordtune popped up on the scene not too long ago and became an essential tool for writers. On the other hand, came out recently and is quickly becoming the go-to program for writers for its many solutions.

Since 68% of online ventures begin with a simple Google search, writers scratch and claw their way to write original content. But, which one of these paraphrasing tools helps them do it more efficiently? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by pitting these tools against one another.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

What Is ParaphrasingTool.AI? is a remarkable AI-based tool that allows writers to redo and revamp their content without any hassle. It has quickly become the go-to choice for many writers around the globe because of its free usage.

Besides that, the tool offers you a remarkable array of other offers. All these combine and help you overcome different challenges that writers face today. That’s what makes it a remarkable addition to any writer’s arsenal today and ensures extensive content writing.

Other Tools

  1. Grammar corrector
  2. Plagiarism checker
  3. AI Text Generator
  4. Summarizer

What Is Wordtune?

Wordtune is a stellar tool for writers who wish to correct their content. It arrived on the scene not too long ago, but it has since become the accompanying tool of many writers. Since the tool itself is bound by word and character limits, many writers use it for short-form content.

Compared to its competitors today, the tool only offers a 280-character limit in free usage. That’s why many would consider it a massive drawback. However, the paid version does offer more words per check. The tool doesn’t have any other accompanying tools either.

Other Tools

  • Wordtune doesn’t have any other tools

4 Ways Of Using ParaphrasingTool.AI To Rephrase Content

In order to understand just how efficient these tools are at improving content, we have to pit them against one another in similar settings. Therefore, we’ll be using the same sentences, phrases, and standards of checking a tool.

We’ll start of with ParaphrasingTool.AI first and see how it helps us in different scenarios:

1.  Rephrasing A Sentence – Improving The Flow

One of the first things that any writer will use as a paraphrasing tool is to improve their content. If the content isn’t flowing well or not describing something properly, then using paraphrasing tools can be vital. In this case, let’s see what ParaphrasingTool.AI does:

The sentence itself has improved vastly from the paraphrasing. As you can notice, it has changed the majority of this sentence, making it sound 10x better.

2.  Rewriting A Paragraph – Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the leading problems for writers around the globe. That’s why many paraphrasing tools are employed every day to avoid plagiarism from various types of writing, i.e., professional or academic.

So, we took a little paragraph, checked it for plagiarism, and then ran it through ParaphrasingTool.AI. Here’s the result:

The content has vastly improved from its initial shape. However, you might have to use this tool twice to completely steer clear of plagiarism. The point is it can help you efficiently remove plagiarism from your content.

3.  Rephrasing A Passage – Ensuring Better Content Tone

Making your content better to improve its content tone might be on your mind. One of the toughest requirements of academic writing is to ensure the content tone is in a specific and linear manner.

So, how does this tool fare when we paraphrase a paragraph/passage instead of a sentence? Let’s try it out, shall we?

As you can see, compared to earlier paraphrasing, the tool hasn’t changed the content upside down. In other words, it only changed enough to alter the content tone to make it better than its initial shape.

4.  Rewriting Content To Deliver An Idea Eloquently

Eloquence isn’t always about using flashy words. Sometimes, it’s about using simple words to get your idea across. So, if your content is suffering from this problem, can ParaphrasingTool.AI fix it? Let’s see it:

Evidently, yes, it can help you fix all these problems without changing much about your content.


  • Efficient content tone changes
  • Makes sentences or passages better
  • Professionally avoids plagiarism
  • Delivers content eloquently by changing enough


  • None so far

4 Ways Of Using Wordtune To Rephrase Content

Now, it’s time that we picked apart Wordtune the same way we did ParaphrasingTool.AI. So, by using the same sentences, paragraphs, and intention, let’s try it out:

1.  Rephrasing A Sentence

In order to improve the content tone, we pasted the content from earlier. Here’s what we got:

As you can see, Wordtune offers you a variety of rephrased sentences to choose from. It’s convenient but also confusing if you’re in a hurry.

2.  Rephrasing Paragraphs—Is It Possible?

Since Wordtune offers only a 280-character limit, is it possible to even try to paraphrase a whole paragraph with it? Let’s try, shall we:

Apparently, our paragraph was just under its character limit. As you can see, it once again gives us many options. However, the problem is that none of them sound natural or fluent.

3.  Rewriting To Avoid Plagiarism

Avoiding plagiarism with Wordtune isn’t easy, especially for free usage. When we used the same paragraph from earlier, the 280-character limit got in the way. So, here’s how the rest went:

Once again, Wordtune gave us many options to pick from. However, the breaking of content’s length makes them all virtually useless—unless you use the paid version.

4.  Improving Content Delivery

Can Wordtune improve the content’s delivery the same way? So far, we’ve had quite a few problems, such as limited word count, unnatural content tone, and unnecessary options. So, let’s see what happens this time:

Once again, the tool does offer a few options, but they’re not all exactly in line with the original content.


  • Quick & convenient
  • Offers various options


  • Varying options make it difficult to pick the right one
  • Unnatural content tone
  • 280-character limit

Verdict: Which Is Better Then?

If you wish for a straightforward answer, then ParaphrasingTool.AI is better. It changed the content in a more natural tone, offered more limits, and did all that for free.