Jump to project’s directory using simple bash function

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    Normally you cd into your html or code directory and then cd into your project’s directory. In this article I’ll explain how a simple bash function can save up your precious time for cd-ing into directories over and over again.

    Let’s straight dive in and open up our bash file. In my case, it’s bash_profile

    Open up your terminal & follow along.

    $ subl ~/.bash_profile


    The function

    function cdhtdocs {
     cd "C:/xampp/htdocs/$1"


    Add into the context

    $ source ~/.bash_profile


    The use-case

    Now lets assume you want to switch to your project’s directory that’s located in “C:/xampp/htdocs/foobar”.

    You’ll have to simply type:

    $ cdhtdocs foobar


    Easy? Isn’t it?


    Final Words

    Bash functions are always helpful if you know the right use-case. If you’re a terminal rookie, then this little trick might come in handy.

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