How to Perfectly pitch your Guest Posts

If anyone gets a chance to talk to an SEO professional or a famous blogger, ask them how many emails they receive on a daily basis for approving their guest posts. You will get to know how difficult it is to select a perfect guest post pitch.

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Nowadays, there are lots of people who like blogging and stuff like guest blogging. They love writing articles on a regular basis and on latest genres but what is the use of writing so much content if it does not reach to the people who need information on their area of interest. Here comes the knowledge of perfect pitching of your guest posts.

If anyone gets a chance to talk to an SEO professional or a famous blogger, ask them how many emails they receive on a daily basis for approving their guest posts. You will get to know how difficult it is to select a perfect guest post pitch.

I am not telling that it is impossible to perfectly pitch your guest posts but one shouldn’t stop trying.

In this article, I am going to suggest you some points which will help to pitch your guest posts perfectly.

  • First of all, you must know about the genre and the writing style of the famous blog for which you want to write. For this, you have spent some time reading articles on that blog. After this, you have to comment on their blogs to draw their attention through which you will get to know about them.
  • Now is the time to reach to the blogger through email. At first, introduce yourself and talk about their blogs. This will gain their attention towards you. You have to try to convince them that you are a trustworthy writer and professional writer. They always have a doubt if you are not a fake writer. It is very difficult to get their reply. If you are lucky to get their reply, after that you have to send them your pitch email. This is the most important and critical yet interesting part.
  • Now that you have got a reply from the blog owner himself then you can try pitching your ideas through a personalised email but slowly and steadily.

Subject Line

For grab the blog owner’s attention your subject line need not be very big or complicated. It should be short, simple but interesting as most of them do not have so much time to check every email. So your mail should be highlighted among so many emails. It should be able to convey a message to the blogger that how creative you are. Now you should mention the topic on which you are interested to write an article. Try to use trending topics and do not forget to mention the name of the editor. Do not be afraid to ask a question relevant to the topic. This will show your interest in the topic.

Email Body

  • There are many characteristics which should be present in a good guest post pitch which is very much necessary to get the attention of the blog owner. The content of the pitch and the structure should be very much logical and should be easily understood.
  • Try to make minimal grammatical and spelling errors almost nil. Grammatical errors create a bad impression on the editor. This also shows that you can check your content for any mistakes.
  • You should suggest two or three interesting and related to the blog topics for the editor to show that you can be so much helpful for his blog. Try to make your titles exciting.
  • Try to maintain word limit. Convince them that you write articles according to the necessities and also include images related to the article.
  • If possible try to provide him with some of your sample articles. If you do not have any sample articles then provide him with a link to your previous but please be sure to not mention him whom you work for. Try to keep your pitch personalised as much as possible.
  • To personalize your pitch mention the editor’s name, refer to one or two of the editor’s blog and tell him what you liked in his blog and why you liked it. To personalize your pitch you can also add some quotes, memes, and many more. I suggest you give your best. Do not constrain yourself to above mention ideas only.
  • You should take time to thank them for the previous emails and allowing you to express your ideas to them. Give your best when you are trying to explain them your ideas. In my opinion is useless to keep your ideas within yourself. If you are getting an opportunity to guest post on a famous blog then do not hesitate to present your ideas in front of the blogger.


Hopefully, I was able to help you perfectly pitch your guest post. At last, I would suggest you try to connect to as many editors you can. Explain them your ideas through important and interesting topics. Many times it is possible that you are not getting any replies from the owners of the blog but do not feel defeated. There are many blogs throughout the internet whose owners must be looking for bloggers like you make their blog popular. Never stop trying.