How to create Micro jobs website

Now we are living in the era of digitization, where we are dependent on technology to complete various tasks. Mostly, when it comes to choosing a career, starting any business, opening any virtual platform; internet technology and online services has become inevitable for all of us.

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That is why, it has been observed that since last few years niche Micro Job Sites are immensely gaining popularity. In fact, creating websites for various types of micro jobs has become a great online based business idea.

Now, what is the definition for online micro job? Online micro jobs are actually small tasks, which can be done by interested individuals from their comfort zones through websites. Micro job sites play role of a great platform, where both clients and freelancers can easily get connected to each other and do their respective jobs. Generally, banner, poster, website designing, logo creating, creative content and copy writing, SEO analysis etc. are known as most popular online micro jobs.

According to a study, the statistics reveal that at least 36% US residents are making a good amount of money providing their freelance services through online. This data is from the year of 2018 and it can be easily assumed that the percentage will increase in the coming years. By seeing the success rate, a large number of people are showing interest in the field of online micro jobs and many businesspersons are investing money by building websites for micro jobs.

If you also want to make money in this new and shining path of online micro jobs website, then you need to know few things very clearly. If you can properly launch a website and are able to promote the same accurately, then you can make a good amount money as commissions. So, to make your journey of establishing micro job websites thriving and profitable, here are some tips are given for you.

Few important advices to setup a micro jobs website

  • The First and foremost advice is to give complete attention to create a fascinating website. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that there should be no compromise on the quality and look of the website. The prime attraction of online based micro jobs is a smart looking, easy accessible micro job site. That is why, you should dedicate your maximum focus in building a top-notch micro jobs website.
  • Second and another major tip is, when you are planning to create a perfect website for online micro jobs, you must pick the most successful clone script. It is an essential task to find out and apply the most effectual clone script. The prime reason behind choosing the successful business model clone script is to earn profit by making the micro jobs website a replica of an already thriving reference. Thus, you need to research and find out the best ever tested effective clone script which is apt for your website.
  • There are few most successful micro jobs websites and Upwork, Fiverr are well-known among them. So, when you are planning to launch your own website for online based micro jobs, it is profitable for your business if you use clone script of any of these two recognized websites. However, you must not copy every single code from clone script of any renowned website. The micro job site is your website and that has to be a unique one. So, with the help of web designers and developers, you can make some necessary and customised changes on the particular clone script. As per your business requirement and target, you need to add and remove features on your micro jobs website.
  • After doing everything to set up a perfect website, you need to think about a catchy domain and website name. All kinds of businesses require an accurate and catchy name to attract their target audience. Similarly, in the business of micro jobs website, an attractive name drives attention of freelancers and clients towards your website.
  • When the entire work depends on accessibility and activity of the website, then you have to act on few things while building the site. The website should be accessible from different devices and operating systems. Apart from that, your website must contain all necessary and upgraded features, which are required to both freelancers and clients to avail better user experience. In fact, few updated and specially designed features also play a great role to measure the performance of your website once in a week or month. You can customize those features as per your and users’ requirements. A simple user interface and perfect navigation are two major things that lead a micro jobs website towards success. It is required because, just like others your website does not offer single service. It offers an array of online micro job services and there you need to place proper navigation and user friendly interface. Otherwise, maximum number of clients and freelancers won’t be able to access and use the website properly.


So, are you ready to start a new journey to operate an online platform offering micro jobs? Then you need to follow these prior mentioned guidelines to build a perfect and smart micro job site.