How Can I Access my Google Recordings in Few Simple Steps

Google recordings may be a way to improve the Google algorithm. According to them, we hope it's not for building a fully functional artificially intelligent bot!

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Google search engine is a pandora’s box. Google recordings always keep track of what you asked 2 minutes ago/3 months ago. We indulge every idle curiosity and every meaningless question and thought and plugged it into the Google search engine. Google is known to keep a soundtrack of these searches to sell suitable ads.

Yet, you might not know that Google also keeps a track record of your audio log. And, questions you ask the Google assistant, its voice search function, OK google, etc. Furthermore, now it’s possible to hear your voice recordings online if you want to.

Recently Google has launched a new portal that keeps track of all your Google-related activities. It was later revealed that all your google recordings are saved in these archives. Of course, in a separate section. It’s a little unnerving to think that there’s a record of all your late-night curiosity. And, how you wanted to know what rock is the prettiest a month ago.

If you want to access your Google recordings, then sit back and relax because that is possible. Below are the following steps by which you can find them, delete them or even stop them from recording again.

How to Find Four Google Recordings:

First and foremost, what you have to do is log in to your Google account. After that, go to your Google activity or directly go to When you get to the activity page, you’ll be able to view a list of all your activity across all Google products, including the videos and pictures you’ve viewed and the web pages you have visited.

If you’ve ever used the OK Google or Google voice search function, then you’ll have to click on the Voice and Audio Activity option to be able to hear all the Google recordings that have been saved in the server.

For instance, if I used the Google voice control feature on my phone and set a reminder for lunch, Google would save that recording. Further, if I play that google recording, I’ll hear exactly what was spoken by me while using the voice feature.

How to Delete Your Google Recordings?

As per Google, the purpose of Google recordings is to improve your experience with its voice feature. Although it’s for the betterment of our experience, it still gives us an option to delete these Google recordings if we wish to do so. If you want to delete these Google recordings permanently, you have to go to the “Delete Activity By” on top of the My Activity Page.

Using the drop-down, select “All down” when asked for the date and “Voice and Audio” under the product menu. Proceed to click “Delete,” and you are done! You’ve deleted the Google recordings that you never wished anyone, even yourself, would have to hear again.

Google recordings may be a way to improve the Google algorithm. According to them, we hope it’s not for building a fully functional artificially intelligent bot!