Digital Marketing Trends to Ensure the Success of Your Email Campaign

Over the last couple of years, the efficiency of email-based marketing campaigns has fluctuated considerably. The over-saturation of low-quality marketing emails has reduced the opening rates across all markets.

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In fact, our digital trends resource points out that at this time, only 18.16% of users open marketing emails, regardless of their industry. On the other hand, there are marketers who seem to be getting a better return on investment for their email campaigns. The secret seems to reside in constantly researching and following the latest cold-email marketing trends.

In this article, we will outline some of the most relevant marketing trends that you can follow in 2019 to boost the efficiency of your email campaign.

The Power of Personalization

Customers want to feel important to any business they deal with. Personalizing emails represents the first step towards better customer engagement and brand loyalty. Doing so is only possible if your business has set up tools meant to gather and analyze user data, like browsing behaviour, shopping history, names, or products they’ve been interested in.

At this time, numerous marketers are already leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to help better understand customer behaviour and figure out which types of emails work best. Data analysis can give valuable information on: better targeting, the best time to send an email, how to word your content, special events in the life of your customers, and more.

To put things better into perspective, segmented email campaigns are bound to have an open rate that is 14.37% higher when compared to non-segmented pieces. Additionally, active forms of email personalization can increase response rates by 100%. These aspects make it quite surprising that 42% of marketers do not actually send targeted emails.

Introducing interactive content on Emails

Interactive content has mostly taken off in 2018, yet its popularity will continue to rise throughout 2019 and the following years. Forms of email-friendly interactive content include image carousels, quizzes, and simple games.

They can be integrated smartly within your content to increase customer engagement and help users interact with your brand’s offering without leaving their email. Marketers who introduce the ability to make purchase within the email will see an even higher efficiency of their campaigns

The importance of high-quality & well-designed emails

A proper marketing email needs to peak customers’ interest. As such, mails that simply showcase a list of offers with no context are no longer relevant and conversion-worthy. Based on this, marketers need to make sure that all content sent out is high-quality, and capable of bringing value to the customer’s life.

Relying on sending out a large quantity of emails, in hopes that customers will eventually open them up, is bound to hurt your marketing efforts and even get your emails marked as spam. Another interesting tip is to leverage the potential of loyalty programs, which can be easily carried out with the help of email.

Lastly, the overall quality of your email marketing campaign can be increased if practices like segmentation, email verification, data hygiene, and preference centers are used.

To sum it all up, successful email marketing campaigns are backed by great analysis of customer data, high-quality content, active forms of personalization, and interactive content.