10 Effective methods for PPC Managers

It is obvious that for almost all the Pay per Click (PPC) managers or paid search managers what resonates highly with them are the best tools and the methods to up their click-through-rate.

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To obtain as many visitors to websites, enhance web traffic, conversion rate and in the end, impact online business sales and revenue overall. But what is PPC? What makes it important? What are these tools that have nothing to do with PPC that impact it after all? Below we discuss and research in detail.

What is PPC?

First and foremost what is Pay per Click or PPC? PPC is a digital marketing or internet marketing model in which advertisers pay each time their advert is clicked upon by visitors. This is a direct measure of the efficacy of
In short, PPC constitutes a part of Paid Marketing Services that redirects visitors to websites thereby availing the advertiser’s ample opportunity to engage and convert them to customers.

Why & How is Pay Per Click is important/ Rewarding for Businesses & Organizations?

  • PPC Drives Higher Brand Recognition and Recall
  • It generates more qualified traffic and leads
  • Avails a Higher conversion rate on its Investment
  • Easily attains higher ROI and low-cost-per-lead
  • Trackable and measurable means result-oriented statistics on the brand
  • Competitive edge with higher online exposure, visibility and prominence.
  • Multi-channel marketing and promotion whether B2B or B2C with high-performance data
  • Robustly contributes and aligns with business goals/aims.

Top 10 tools for PPC Managers that incredibly have nothing to do with PPC

1. Google Docs

Google Docs helps to collaborate and share items such as spreadsheets, documents, slides, etc. Real-time data translates into the latest spreadsheets, change notifications, commenting abilities etc.

2. Join.me

Join.me has a great UI offering screen-sharing, hosting meeting working with client’s capability. With great audio and video options for video conferencing, webinars, conference calls, screen sharing and toll-free audio etc. Join.me avails ease of use with less technical issues or problems.

3. Color By Fardos

As a colourful and unique Google Chrome extension, Color by Fardos enables lots of things including multiple background videos for clients equipped with Google’s Video Builder. The multiple blends of rich tones of colours, themes, add richness and diversity to its unique blend and brand colours. The eye drop tool in Color by Fardos is fascinating to use in crafting ethereal moving videos.

4. Edit this Cookie

As a cookie manager its quite a helpful and useful extension that deletes cookies in Chrome browsers, specifically for tabs, users are on, not entire cookie history. You can add, delete, edit, search, protect and block cookies with this amazing tool.

5. Highrise

A web-based CRM system for small businesses it avails both contact and task management functions among others. For small businesses, it helps keep track of work done for clients, contacts, HTML colours etc. As a simplified automation solution, it adds simplicity and brings ease to daily functions. Quick access to vital information and orderly management of office affairs.

Ensures office team accountability and task accomplishment. Though not functional anymore, Highrise no longer accepts new customers.

6. Basecamp

Equipped with integration for all OS’s, Basecamp is the ultimate project management solution for business sizes and across industries. Allowing or letting employees across teams to share information, collaborate on projects, group chat, schedule important tasks and to-dos, etc.

Availing sharing and collaboration every contact and decision is tracked avoiding multiple email communication. Basecamp avails space for unlimited users, unlimited projects, and 500GB of storage.

7. Checker plus for Google Calendar

As a Chrome Extension, Checker Plus adds a calendar button to Chrome toolbar. Besides troubleshooting, it gives users a pop-up for all pre-meeting alarms set and lets users snooze notifications. Moreover, the timing for the next appointment is visible in the extension bar. Event information storage is easy and kept with a highlight.

8. Lightshot

Lightshot is a simple and convenient screen tool. A brilliant and professional path to creating compelling screenshots with professional perspectives. It is set with options to annotate, draw arrows or boxes, and highlight. Though Screenshot doesn’t let capturing of the URL bar of Chrome.

9. Calendly

Equipped with diverse services that enable people to schedule meetings from the one-on-one, group, round-robin to collective meetings. Calendly offers admin features, centralized billing, metrics + reporting plus team pages among other features. Whether its different time zones, customizations, buffers, notifications, daily limits and minimum scheduling notice.

I’ve set up four different call types, which allows clients to pick a time that works best for them.

Calendly is handy in booking appointments across time zones, integrates with Office 365, Outlook and iCloud calendars.

10. iCloud Calendar

The cloud is the next big thing in computing aligning with the latest breakthrough technologies. That is why when it comes to planning, strategizing and saving successfully without worry the iCloud calendar presents several options for all types of activities and engagements.


With Paid Search Management it is obvious that driving the right traffic in the right place and in the right time pays more dividends and rewards. Besides the usual traffic upsurge, the notable high sales and productivity through high conversion rate are worth every effort.