Top 20 reasons to include SEO in your Digital Marketing Strategy

This is a common question often asked by website owners. The answer is certainly ‘Yes’.

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Do you really need SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is an essential strategy to be included in your digital marketing. There are obvious reasons for this and some of them are:

  1. Enable easy online access
  2. Ensures growth
  3. Brings Innovation
  4. Raise reliability
  5. Provide way to monitor
  6. Boost traffic and revenue
  7. Is cost efficient
  8. Enables local SEO
  9. And so on…

So, here we are with the Top 20 Reasons to Include SEO in Digital Marketing Strategy.

You might be wondering that there are many other strategies like paid advertising and affiliate marketing, then why prefer SEO?

Well, you are on the right page to understand this. This is the right time for you to understand why SEO is important for our Digital Marketing.

About Search Engine Optimisation

Who doesn’t want their website to be on the top?

Well, everyone does.

SEO is a practice that aims to improve the ranking of search engines. SEO experts can help you understand the benefits of SEO.

SEO brings strategies that help you placing your website at the highest rank in search engines. With the help of SEO strategies, one can bring a billion of traffic to his website. The ranks in important search engines are important for the business.

SEO ranking can help target users that come to you by seeing your website in top ranking.

So now you know what is SEO, Right? It is time to move over the reasons why it must be included in your digital marketing strategy.

Why one should Include SEO In his Digital Marketing Strategy? Here are the reasons:

1. Focus on Brand Awareness

It is quite difficult for a businessman to reach the mind of the customers in the online world. But SEO can help. Consumers can easily reach to your product and website when your pages rank at the top. This is only possible with the help of targeted keywords. Using the right keywords can help you reach your audience faster than your competitor’s choice. It also helps the public to know about your brand and products.

2. Easy Online Access

SEO helps you post blogs, articles, presentations, etc. on page listed websites. As people search for websites with a given keyword, the results that have been configured for the following keywords will be shown. Furthermore, one can find information easily and quickly with the help of these keywords

3. SEO Ensures growth

Ever wondered how SEO helps in growing your business?

There is a cut-throat competition in the field of digital marketing. One needs innovative technologies to reach users. SEO is one of these strategies that can help you grow online.

4. Innovation is the Key

Life is a race and you need to run faster. A business has to keep itself updated to get appreciated by both search engines and users. Use a few SEO services and stay ahead in competition and ranking as well.

5. Reliability is Important

In most cases, the websites ranking in top results are clicked and trusted more. Here comes the main reason why using SEO tools is important. Not only this, but SEO also helps in building a relationship with users.

Do you want to know about important feature in SEO? Read the next one.

6. Content Optimisation

People cherish the websites which convey the information in an attractive way with a clear message. SEO makes it possible to construct relevant content such that it makes sense both to consumers and to search engine crawlers.

7. Loading Speed

This is the most important thing as your user will prefer other Webpages instead of waiting for more than 10 seconds. SEO helps optimise website reactivity through content, URL, title tags, etc. Furthermore, it makes sure that the loading speed of your website is quick.

8. Helps in bringing Backlinks

Off-page SEO focuses primarily on the development of backlinks. Backlinks are known to bring interconnected traffic from a large number of similar websites to your website.

9. A way to monitor

You can monitor whether your SEO techniques are going in the right direction or not. To do so, take the help of SEO analytics. It can help you decide what should be done next.

Don’t you think SEO is not only our monitor but our mentor as well?

10. Inbound Marketing

One can make marketing interesting in the online world with the help of Inbound strategies. It includes SEO, social media postings, and blog posting. Business owners should rely upon quality content creation and marketing rather than on paid ads.

11. A need not a Want

Ever thought, what is the difference between a want and a need?

A want is a desire, while a need is a necessity. The same goes for SEO. To survive and grow in this era, you have to use SEO strategies that are very helpful for today, tomorrow, and forever.

12. Increases Traffic

As stated earlier, search engine optimisation helps to optimise the ranking of a website, which in turn helps to increase website traffic.

13. Increases Revenue

SEO not only enhances traffic but also helps to achieve conversion by boosting visits to our website. Therefore, more traffic, more revenue.

14. Reach mobile users aswell

It is quite obvious that everyone scrolls through their mobile phones. Thus, optimising sites for mobile-friendly exposure is important. SEO helps in doing so with the help of digital services provided.

15. Enables ROI

SEO help monitoring the Return On investment. It does so by providing data that help the businessman to understand the ROI of the applied strategy.

16. Cost Effective

SEO is not only easy to learn but is very cheap when compared to other forms of advertising that a businessman pays. This ensures that with just a little investment you can ensure better returns.

17. PPC

Pay per Click is the next most effective technique of SEO. This means that you will only have to pay for click received on your ads. Pay per click allows advertisements to be placed on search engines. PPC strategy says that a businessperson has to pay price per click.

18. Local SEO

It is fairly suitable for companies wishing to sell in the local market. It also helps you to remain top at local search results. With online channels, it is a good idea to meet the users directly.

19. SMM

Social media marketing is a technique of SEO. By approaching social media sites it becomes easy to exchange information that can eventually lead users directly to your website. This is the most suitable way to reach to your users directly.

20. Better experience for Visitors

SEO improves the website’s overall appearance which ensures better experience for its users. Thus it ensures increasing sales


These are some of the obvious reason why SEO must be included in your digital marketing strategy. If you wish that success knock your door in online world, never mind to obtain best SEO services.