SEO Basics – Tips & Tricks

Search Engine Optimization is vast field, and each year SEO tips and tricks become the latest day by day. This reason of writing this guideline is to provide information to all those who want to increase their website ranking.

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Those who are just getting started with SEO, It is worth noting that due to the changes in Google algorithm, tips and tricksare also evolve. Each year search engine changes its norms bit some tactics worked well and will continue in 2019 as well.

Here is the list of essential tips and tricks that work well to boost the ranking of any site.

Keyword Research

Relevant Keywords Research cannot be denied. This tactic worked well and continues to be important techniques. It is necessary for the success of Link Building, On-page Optimization and Content Marketing.

High Quality Content

The Content is King in SEO. If you don’t provide any reason for your visitors to visit your sites; You will not get any solid ranking for your websites. To gain it, you need to use quality content for your site. It should be a new high quality and relevant. Top qualities Content will engage your visitors, and they will bookmark the content.

Meta Title

The meta title is the first thing that Google display for users. Search engine set a norm that it must have only 60 characters not more than that. There are some elements that you need to keep in mind while writing it:

  • You should load your sites with keywords. An ordinary person only read a few terms to get the answer to their questions.
  • Make sure to make your Title unpredictable.
  • Make it catchy.
  • It should be apparent within the set word limits


Create a clear, focused and optimized URL. You can maximize the targeted keywords on your URLs.

Google Business

This is the trendy tricks if you are offering a service which is limited to the specific zone so that you can do the local SEO on it. Google business allows you to add your business information such as number, email etc. You can also add images in it and monitor the reviews as well.

Heading Tags

Heading Tags are important.If you use Heading tags to break the content.It increases the feasibility of content for readers to skim the content. The use of headers makes your content appealing and eye-catching. If your website has quality content, but it’s block form. Nobody wants to read it. It decreases the engagement rate of visitors, which is not a good sign.

Loading Speed

The loading speed of any site matter a lot, if it is slow, Google will recognize it and which badly affects the ranking of your website. It diminishes your visitor’s ratio. Research proves that 40 percent of visitors leave the site because of the loading issue. In comparison, if your site loads fast, it increases the ratio of and passes positive signals to Google. There are thousands of free tools available to check the loading speed of any website.

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Blogging is beneficial for ranking. There are many reasons for it. It increases the chance of engagements of visitor ‘s.The posting of fresh, informative, and quality content drives the people to your site. If you are uploading some content daily and if your content is optimized according to search Engine norms. All these elements work like magic for your website.

Outbound Links

This is one of the tricks of Link Building. If your data are linked with some authoritative and trustworthy sites.It increases the Credibility of your website. If you connect the site with some important stuff, it will boost the website automatically. Interlinking is also helpful; these links will direct visitors to your site. You will redirect to another blog post through it.

Broken Links

This is a crucial issue, if you are using any sites which are authoritative for hyperlinking, the question of broken links will be raised, which negatively affects the ranking of your website. It diminishes the ratio of visitors to your sites if they open your site and reach to invalid websites. You can fix it by informing the webmasters about dead links.


Infographic is powerful; you need great design and great content.This is the easiest way to get the ranking.

Meta Description

The meta description is the description which search engine show to the users. Google has given some tips to write it down; You can load keywords in your description . Write unique and different description from other pages. It should be around 170 characters, not more than that.

Social Media

The importance of social media can not be denied. Every website needs to be active in social media. If you run the campaign for your site in social media daily, and site will get more traffic than other tricks of SEO.

Mobile Friendly

As we all know, the use of cell phone is on top, It’s now even overtake computers and laptops. Around 60 percent of searches are done through mobile, and Google knows the worth of it. That’s why, it is crucial that your site optimized for mobile users as well and it is not done, it passes adverse effect for your website.

Contact Details

When you design your website, add the correct information for the contact. If you have to insert the wrong information, people will start reporting your website. So, you should add a phone number, email address, and location correctly.

SSL Certificate

SSL is an essential ranking factor since 2014. Cybercrime is increasing day by day.To protect your site, you should install it.It is pretty much straightforward; your hosting provider can help you with this.

Use Diverse Links

There are different links, such as home page links, directory links, educational links, footer links blog post links. If you want to rank high, you can use different SEO techniques together.Only you need to take care that whatever links you are making is relevant because it gives an excellent impact on your websites.


Therefore, these are some helpful and useful tips and Tricks of SEO which help a lot in the ranking of any website. If you’ve any feedback or found anything missing from the link, let us know in the comments section below.