10 Signs You Need a Social Media Detox Badly

Social media is like coffee and donuts for most of us now. We can’t get enough of it. Plus, it’s easy to get addicted if your work is dependent on social media (a digital manager, influencer, virtual assistant, and more).

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How to know you need a break, have a face-to-face conversation with someone, put your phone away and watch Charter Cable with your family?

Here are some signs that indicate you are at the brink of addiction and need a social media detox:

1: Your Phone’s Battery Runs out Quickly

Assuming your phone has a fantastic battery life, which should last the entire day, if you are noticing the battery only lasts half the day, this is a sign you must rethink your relationship with social media. 

This could mean you are watching videos on Facebook, making snaps on Snapchat, or scrolling on Instagram way too much. 

2: The Separation Anxiety Kicks In 

Do you feel the world might end if you miss out on a tweet or don’t post a picture? These are warning signs! You should be able to spend at least an hour without checking your social media account.

If you can’t, you are at the borderline of tech addiction. Experiment a bit. Leave your phone for a few hours and observe how you feel. Keep it inside your bag while you are at work. If you don’t feel OK when being unplugged, you are in trouble, my friend. 

3: Social Media is on Your Mind ALL THE TIME

This is a feeling you get when driving down the road and you can’t help but peek at your phone. In other words, you are tempted to check your phone while driving.

STOP right away. Not only is this unsafe, it means social media is taking over your life. 

4: You are Scrolling Excessively 

Little scrolling here and there is harmless but if you are spending A LOT of time scrolling, you could be addicted. 

As per a study, people interact with their smartphones 2,500+ times a day. This includes texting, clicking scrolling, and more. If are not sure, ask people around you. What do they think about your social media habit? Be prepared for some shocking revelations. 

5: You Have This Post Everything OBSESSION 

Okay we are all are guilty of this but if you can’t enjoy whatever you are doing without posting about it, you could be infatuated. 

And once you post the story, snap, or check in, you spend your entire day obsessing about how many likes it received. This is unhealthy!!  

6: You Upload Edited Pictures Only

It’s okay to apply filters to edit your profile picture now and then. In fact, everyone does it. But if you are uploading edited pictures all the time (I mean, you never upload raw pictures), you must stop and rethink your habits. 

7: You are Stalking, Not Speaking

Is it the case that you haven’t spoken to a person for more than a year but you know everything about them because you keep checking their profile? Of course, it’s also possible that the person posts everything about their personal life.

In any case, if you are using social media to stalk others and don’t interact with them at all, this means you are obsessed. Stop stalking. Take a break from the Internet. Meet with your friends. Have a chit-chat. Ask what’s up. This will give you far more pleasure than stalking. 

8: You’re a Victim of Comparison 

Social media is full of envy-inducing news. Witnessing those extravagant vacation photos, friends flaunting their promotions, engagement photos, wedding ceremonies, birthday bashes, baby showers  – all this can stir feelings of inadequacy and joyously. This happens in our subconscious mind. 

Social media can also spark feelings of a negative body image. This can induce anxiety, depressive thoughts and might as well damage your friendships and relationships. Social media obsession can get in the way of your happiness. What’s being posted is one side of the story. Everyone has their own journey to success. Don’t make yourself fall into the pit of comparison. 

Take a break. Be grateful for what you have achieved and where you are today. 

9: The FOMO is Real

Does the thought of taking a break from social media induce FOMO? Is it causing separation anxiety? Do you feel the urge to log into your social accounts again and again? All these feelings indicate you are addicted.

10: Depression is Creeping In

Does logging into social media makes you feel burnt out, anxious, and depressed? If it’s taking over your mental health, you MUST take a break. Ideally, deactivate your social media accounts for a while (if you can). If that’s not possible, then develop healthy boundaries otherwise, the negativity can impact your wellness. 

Whenever you feel anxious, embrace the beauty of mother nature. Step out of the house for a stroll. 

Before the social media obsession takes a toll on your mental, pause for a bit. Practice digital detox to keep your habits in check.