Why PHP is the Best Platform for Enterprise Business

PHP has been one of the most famous frameworks for web building due to it many features like top security, cross-platform compatibility and many others.

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With millions of developers around the world using PHP for web design and development, it is certainly unarguable that PHP is the best platform for enterprise business. PHP has been one of the most famous frameworks for web building due to it many features like top security, cross-platform compatibility and many others.

If you are looking to build a powerful e-Commerce website that should give users a better experience with equipped multimedia features, you will need to hire a PHP development company as a better option for that.

The latest version of PHP also comes with more features like enhanced speed, which makes it better for any developer to develop an e-Commerce application with PHP 7 to make the website load faster.

There are many organisations with PHP scripting on their website due to the fact that WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal are popular content management solution (CMS) that blend perfectly with PHP.

PHP has a very low cost of entry unlike other application environment like Java.

So, if you have plans to build a powerful software or website application for your enterprise with enhanced speed to boost your website search engine ranking and keep visitors engaged, PHP is the best platform to build a dynamic enterprise software for you.

What are the features of a Good Enterprise Software?

An enterprise software is supposed to be a software built to meet the need of the organisation. This could include ERP software, content management system (CMS), CRM software and SCM software.

So, if an enterprise software should have any features, it must include:

  • Scalability – A good enterprise software should be able to adjust to the amount of work you handle.
  • Security  It should be equipped with very tight security tools to prevent data loss.
  • Reliable & Powerful – A good enterprise software should be a software that the organization can rely on and must be powerful enough able to perform the task they want.
  • Portability – There should be no restriction to hardware or Operating System.

Aside these, a typical enterprise software should have a backup plan for data loss, abide to the rules and regulation of the country in which it is intended to operate, better user experience and should be able to integrate with other third-party web services.

Over time, Java and .NET platforms have always been used for enterprise applications as they are considered to possess the features above. Microsoft (for .NET) and Oracle (for Java) are two big companies backing these platforms and thereby increasing their popularity.
However the features, an enterprise software is built according to the requirement of the organisation.

PHP in the Enterprise

There are many benefits an enterprise can get from using PHP platform for their business and they include:

  • Flexibility – PHP is very flexible and easy to make change before it goes live. PHP can be used for creating simple applications to large transactional systems.
  • Easy Integration – PHP is popularly known for integrating with multiple platforms and services. It can run on IBM, Linux, Windows and OSX without complication. And also, it has so many packages and libraries for easy integration with many platforms.
  • Availability of Personnel – It is very easy to find PHP developer around as their popularity outweighs that of other many platforms. PHP has one of the largest support communities with experts in web technologies.
  • Multiple & Seamless Payment Options – PHP websites accept multiple payment options and transactions using your merchant account or any credit card like Authorize.net, PayPal etc.

PHP – The Language

PHP started as a few scripts used in creating dynamic websites created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. Since its inception, it has grown massively due to the contribution of Zend who has contributed to make it a matured platform.
PHP allows for the idea of organically growing a language rather than creating a new feature which could be wasteful. This adoption of new features helped close the gap between PHP and other languages.

  • Open-Source – With PHP being an open source development language, it is freely available for use. This is why it is one of the largest user-base community where you can constantly go for help for PHP related issues.
    The community comprises of developers from different countries contributing to making PHP better and user-friendly. The PHP community can never be compared to any community platform.
    As a result of this, there are numerous libraries with pre-built modules that engineers can choose from. If anything, custom-made is needed, it can be created easily, unlike proprietary software that is so strict with its usage.
    Within the community, there is a constant review of the language, and as a result, the code’s quality and security is usually superb. There is a possibility that any issue concerning coding that anyone might have has already been resolved and documented in the community.
  • Security – PHP has a lot of frameworks that offers better security when building applications. Framework like Symfony and Zend framework are among the best framework that can ensure maximum security with PHP.
    Although, more features like the password hashing API has been added to the language by PHP to strengthen it security.
  • The Ecosystem – PHP enjoys a lot of benefit from a healthy ecosystem. Reputable cloud platform can easily be integrated with PHP. In October 2013, It was announced that PHP was supported by Google App Engine. Also, in April 2014, Heroku added PHP support. Azure (Microsoft’s enterprise cloud platform) was also not left out as they have been supporting PHP for years as IBM’s WebSphere.
  • Strong Backing – PHP has enjoyed a lot of backing from Zend. Zend maintains PHP engines and provide tools like Zend Guard and Zend Server to help support PHP. Here are few of the big companies that have invested heavily into PHP.
    Facebook has since been using PHP since its launch, and as Facebook grows stage by stage, they keep on contributing back to PHP mostly its own PHP engine HHVM (Hip Hop Virtual Machine).
    HHVM is a successor of Hip Hop which uses Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation to boost PHP performance.
    Aside Facebook support for HHVM, they came out with a new language called Hack. This was created to provide some features that can be found on other enterprise language such as Java but was missing in PHP.
    SensioLabs may not be a name that you must have heard, unlike Facebook. This is the company behind Symfony framework, an enterprise-level application framework with high-quality components that can be used in any PHP project. SensioLabs has been a supporting hand in bringing PHP into the enterprise.

How PHP can benefit any Enterprise Business?

  • Simplified Product Management – Any e-Commerce store can benefit from its simplified product management activities which includes offering discounts, collection of sales taxes and calculation of other things like shipping costs etc.
  • Top Security – A PHP built website offers top-notch security to prevent against hackers.
  • Powers Equally – Irrespective of the size of the website you intend building, a PHP based business website can in no time be easily developed on a limited budget. There are so many extensions and libraries on the web which can be used to extend the functionalities of your website.
  • Ad Tracker to measure results – If you run online marketing for your website, you get unlimited trackers to measure result such as conversion, traffic stats, clicks and impression of the campaign.


By now, you must have been convinced that PHP is the best platform for enterprise business as almost 80% of all dynamic websites uses PHP. For building that e-Commerce website, enterprise software or application, you need a PHP development services for that project as it is the only option for better experience.
Irrespective of the server you are want to host your website, PHP script can run across Operating System (OS) like Mac OSX, Linux, Windows and others.

Hire a PHP development company today for your enterprise software and you will never regret you did.