PHP vs Node.js – Which Backend Technology is Better for your Project?

As dynamic websites have started helping users to feel connected, programmers have been very specific when it comes to choosing the right backend development framework for their development needs. Website development seems to be an ever-changing and diverse field.

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New tools and technologies pop up on a regular basis, and because of this, developers and programmers have to face a lot of trouble. Most of them are confused between the mature and long term solutions and the latest ones.

Node.js and PHP are the most preferred options when it comes to working upon the latest web solutions. So, you need to understand PHP vs node.js in detail to choose the right technology for your project needs. Backend programmers have to deal with the dilemma of choosing between Node.js and PHP. It’s a common situation with the developers all around the world due to specific reasons.

Earlier, Javascript didn’t match with the PHP. The Javascript was taken into consideration to develop front-end applications and PHP was taken into consideration for developing server-side apps. But since JS came up with Node.Js it again distracted the backend developers from choosing traditional PHP or the later one.

Both backend technologies have their own set of pros and cons. It is important that we understand each of them in detail before deciding the backend technology for your web solution. To help you, we present you the different aspects which you must take into consideration of both frameworks to make the right choice for your application requirements.


Taken into consideration for server-side scripting, PHP is one of the universal technologies available online. Now PHP has exclusively become one of the important parts of a number of content management systems in the form of Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. Not only this, but it is also the underlying language of popular web development frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, and more.

A flexible & Strong codebase

With the help of PHP, even non-developers can get their websites developed. All thanks to the firm code base of this technology which includes some of the popular CMS platforms as mentioned above. Out of all Drupal makes it easier to help you have a blogging site or eCommerce store and that too within a few minutes. In fact the php frameworks like CodeIgniter and Laravel are helping developers even more effectively.

You will also find some of the applications on the hosting platforms in the form of cPanel which is also backed by PHP. And as PHP has a huge community behind its back, you can have any type of application developed without any kind of hassle.

Easy Deployment & Integration

PHP code can be easily integrated on different platforms like Linux or Windows. It can also run on different servers like Nginx or Apache.

When it comes to hosting different PHP application, it also very much flexible. In fact, PHP applications also have the attribute of shared hosting but for Node.js technology it requires virtual SSH access.

This exclusively makes PHP just the right choice for the ones who are stepping into the world of development. Here the cost and the need for technicality is quite restricted when compared to Node.js technology. For Node.js there will always be a call to work ahead with console commands, SSH or any other Linux technologies.

A Perfect choice for Web Development

This technology has been designed keeping the web into consideration and thus, it brings you all the attributes and functionalities which can make work for developers easier and simpler. From managing HTML to servers and databases, you can have it all done with ease. As all the pages are exclusively rendered on the server, it helps one develop a web application with the use of PHP without any sort of overloading issue on the client-side.

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Node JS

With the help of Node.js technology, the backend is able to relish the benefits of front-end technology quote significantly in the form of JavaScript. It came into existence in the year of 2009 and is exclusively presenting the benefit of Javascript which assists in the development of data-driven, I/O heavy applications.

Real-time Development

The biggest benefit which Node.js technology brings the efficiency of JavaScript as it helps developers avail the benefits like capable of handling concurrent events and non-blocking I/O events at the same time. With the help of this technology, you will certainly be able to execute your real-time task faster and that too keeping the CPU usage at the lowest. These features of Node.js technology makes it perfect for application development services while working on SPAs, chatting applications, and collaboration applications.

Single Technology

Javascript came into existence in the form of client-side programming language. But with the help of Node.js technology, it plays a huge role in the backend development process as well. The developers will be to work on a single technology while developing a particular application. This means that both backend and frontend will be able to use Javascript for the application development process. This benefit will help developers to collaborate and get the bugs out of the project with ease. Not only this, but it also helps in code management and quick project delivery.

Community Support

Node.js does have active community support which is helping the application development project to become scalable and simpler. So, as a developer, it will get a lot easier when it comes to getting the application developed with the best of attributes.

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Which one to select for the project?

You must select PHP when,

  • You are developing a website like landing page, blog, news site, web portal. The reason is there are CMS written in PHP which makes it easier for one to create, edit and scale the web portals according to their needs with the use of different plugins and APIs.
  • If you are considering to use servers like Oracle, SQL, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, and more, then you must consider going for PHP for your project needs.

You must select NodeJS when,

  • If you are into single-page applications, then the asynchronous architecture of this technology will be a perfect fit to consider.
  • If you have software stacks like MEAN then you can consider using Node.js technology for your respective project requirements.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, you are clear about which backend technology will just be the perfect fit for your web solution needs. PHP vs Node.js comparison above in detail will certainly help you make a better and sound choice.