PHP Development: A Mythbuster’s Guide

PHP development is a common topic of discussion when clients are in the process of meeting with various web developers. Thanks to the emergence of PHP development, web development has become even easier than before.

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However, there are a number of clients who are not aware of these shifts. As a result, they are often left to rely on various myths about the process that are not remotely true.

PHP is preferred by the average developer for a number of reasons. It offers clients the chance to enjoy access to a top notch programming language and ensures a much speedier web development process. However, there are some myths that have still been allowed to circulate without being challenged.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these misconceptions and why they are wrong.

Restricted to Web Development only

While PHP development is often a key aspect of web development, that does not mean that it is restricted in any way. It is popular for those who are looking to create web based applications but there are a number of other purposes that have yet to be discussed in a more open forum. PHP development allows for various operations to be carried out, even when they take place outside of the context of a web server.

A command line interface will open up a whole new world to the more forward thinking developers out there. Desktop applications can be created that are able to run on any operating system that the client can think of. Don’t make the mistake of hiring PHP developers that still subscribe to the myth of these sorts of restrictions.

Not Scalable

No client wants to be saddled with a site or an app that is not scalable. When scalability is discussed, web based applications and sites are going to come up more often than not. Unfortunately, there are still many who believe that PHP developers are not able to provide a scalable product to their clients. Meanwhile, those who know better are already relying on PHP for their needs because it can offer a greater level of code maintainability.

Fault tolerance is also increased when PHP is used. Optimization can be utilized before page requests even take place, as a means of speeding up the processing of a site or app. Caching is also made quick and easy. What’s not to like from a scaling standpoint? All of the aforementioned factors contribute to the continued success of any PHP related web development project.

Coding is simply too difficult

This is a myth that circulates about almost any programming language. However, there is no coding language that should ever be too difficult, as long as a top notch developer is involved. Any PHP developers who perpetuate this myth are essentially letting their clients know that they should not be trusted for any reason. PHP is widely considered to be one of the easiest languages to learn for anyone who is truly invested in the process.

Apps and websites can be built by PHP developers, even when they have yet to spend a great deal of time on the training side of the process. As long as the developers who are involved in the project have common sense and are technically sound in other areas, they are able to work with PHP. The coding process is only as challenging as the developers who are chosen allow it to be.

Larger applications are unable to benefit from PHP

Enterprise clients tend to shy away from PHP development from app development companies for reasons that do not always make very much sense. There are many who think that PHP development should not be relied upon during web development process that involve larger applications. In reality, nothing could actually be further from the real truth. Thanks to the aforementioned optimization, it has never been easier to get the most out of a larger application.

That is because all of the processes are compiled ahead of time. Small websites and apps benefit from PHP development but they are not alone. Even the most dynamic sites and apps can be created with the usage of this programming language. Sites like Facebook rely on it on a daily basis. The advantages of PHP are not limited to the small apps and sites out there.

Lack of Security

The lack of default code security has caused some to wonder if PHP is the best choice for their needs. After all, no one is looking to create a site or app that is always being compromised. The top developers, on the other hand? They are well aware of these concerns and are able to secure the PHP website with ease.

The level of success that a client enjoys in these instances tends to be dependent on their developer’s level of expertise. The best developers are well aware of the top tools and security codes. Any developer that is still parroting myths about the lack of security that is supposedly taking place within the world of PHP development should not be trusted.

Simply put, the majority of these myths are simply a byproduct of developers who have allowed themselves to fall behind the times. The common myths that are still perpetuated must be ignored. Now that the prospective client knows more about these myths, they can do their best to eradicate them for good