5 Reasons Why PHP is Getting Popular

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    PHP is one of the most valued and accessible server-side programming language, mostly used for creating websites. With a faster turnaround time and enhanced security features, PHP has become one of the most preferred choice for website development by website developers. Due to the plenty of features and benefits this scripting side language, many of the big tech giants like Facebook, Wikipedia, Flickr, etc. are using this language. In this blog, we are explaining to you 5 reasons why PHP is getting so famous among the web developers.


    With the help of PHP, coding is simply like writing an essay in English for the compiler to read, except the essay is like a piece of code in a syntax meant for PHP language. Writing code in PHP is very simple, but still, you will find some developers complaining about how PHP doesn’t build up the necessary coding habits that standardize the coding. It also allows you to highly personalize the code and make it more secure from being stolen.

    Works perfectly with CMS

    The latest trend into web development has made the CMS (Content Management System) customization a very crucial and competitive need for business. Adaptive content is the content that has been personalized for each individual visitor coming to your website(By signing in) and this is only possible if the code for the website can be customized.

    PHP simply makes the website amoebic that allows the developers to transform the website to transform as per the requirement. All the website that has been made with PHP are totally customizable and can be transformed as per the user requirements easily because of the Content Management Systems like, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, etc. these CMS are primarily based on PHP. Hence. the developing a simple yet robust custom-made CMS solution with your website is very simple.

    Flexibility & Scalability

    Facebook as the largest and most influential social media platform runs on PHP. Facebook has even created its own peculiar format of the language. Named “Hack” to meet the needs of this giant content management system. This simply shows us the flexibility and scalability of PHP. If Compared to the other languages the biggest advantage the PHP holds is that the website code can be updated without a server reboot.


    The latest trend into the adaptive content has made the responsive website and the fluid grid system even more relevant to the businesses. In this context, HTML5 is the unquestioned standard for the development of the responsive and mobile adaptive website. This is where PHP comes out as a language that allows its code to be easily embedded into the HTML and allowing the developers to easily convert an existing static website into a whole new dynamic product.

    Huge standard Library

    What differentiates an average programming language from a great programming language is the size of its standard library. Libraries play a very crucial role when it comes to simplicity and speeding of the data processing ability of a language.

    Given that any visitor coming to your website would not spend more than 8 seconds per web page while they are surfing over internet. Website loading time plays a very crucial role when it comes to making people stay on the website. PHP offers comprehensive support for HTTP fetching, regular expressions, and URL parsing. These are just to name a few.

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