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    Another #LaraconUS in the books & It was the 6th instalment of #LaraconUS happened at Chicago with full swing & we got a lot to learn this time with exceptional line of speakers and never-ending community support by fellow Artisans.

    The Venue

    This year’s #Laracon happened at The Museum of Science &Technology, Chicago, one of the largest science museums in the world.



    Swags All Around




    These socks seems like the hottest swag this year at #laracon & developers loved getting their hands on ’em.

    Kicking Off

    Participants from around the globe came to attend the most awaited conference of 2k18. The Conference Hall is full of the Laravel crazy developers.



    Taylor Otwell, creator Laravel started off the event with keynotes to the 2018 Laracon & showed off Laravel Nova.

    And about Nova, what else can I tell, credit card is ready for purchase of this super powerful Admin Panel for Laravel with bunch of power-packed featured for you to work with. Laravel Nova will be available for use in a 30 days time at $99 for single developer.

    An Upgrade to Vue CLI in the stores


    You can find the demo project for his talk on Github.

    Handling Media in Laravel

    Freek Van Der Herten from Spatie presented a great talk on undoubtedly a vital area, media files. He explained how media files can be stored, optimized & retrieved using a simple Laravel package called Media Library.

    Understanding OOP

    Adam Wathan, creator TailwindCSS presented his valuable talk on the fundamental misunderstanding about OOP which have made code unnecessary complex and less fun to play with. Moreover he explained how to conquer the fear for Facades if you’re using a Framework.


    Matt Stauffer Take on Nova

    The Author of one of best-selling Learning Laravel book & Partner at Tighten, Matt Stauffer takes on Nova soon after its release and announced Custom Novo Tools for them to use as widgets into your Nova Dashboard. How cool!

    Other Talks

    You can check on other talks happened on LaraconUS 2k18 maintained by Chris Forense, not so beautifully formatted but it gets the job done anyhow 😀


    Well, with so much learning and talks, its time for the Laravel artisans to party.


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