Pakistani Startup ‘Remotebase’ Raises $1.4 Million Seed Funding

Pakistan has lacked to provide exposure to graduates and students done with their educations for a long time. Many firms and organizations have been working towards getting these students started in life. Recently, a tech startup based in Lahore, Pakistan, recognized by the name Remotebase achieved and raised $1.4 million to support Pakistani engineers and developers.

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The main motive of this startup is to help students get international exposure over the duration. The remote base was able to win millions of dollars in the seed round led by Pakistan-focused VC Indus Valley Capital. The competition had many investors such as US Billionaire Tim Draper’s Draper Associates, and US-based early-stage VC Hustle Fund.

First-ever Pakistani Startup that International Firms have Invested In

As per many reports, Remotebase is the first-ever startup that international firms Draper Associates and Hustle Fund had invested in. This startup aims to search, train, and provide jobs to Pakistani software tech geniuses in Silicon Valley companies.

After their immediate success in raising millions of dollars as seed funding, this is a step towards the tech ecosystem’s rapid growth in Pakistan. In April of 2020, Remotebase initially began its mission to establish engineering teams with businesses in Silicon Valley 24 hours.

The creators worked for different companies in Silicon Valley

Qasim Asad Salam and Talha Masood launched this startup to provide an American-exposed platform to locals. Before their composed idea of Remotebase, Qasim led a software agency based in Pakistan. On the other hand, Talha Masood worked for different companies in Silicon Valley.


This operation gained rapid popularity and recognition as it was introduced during the times of the pandemic. It is no doubt that if it wasn’t these times, then such a startup wouldn’t have been able to cope up and take the tech market as it did.

Remote base offers its hires ease to work from home. All this while offering them a handsome amount of fixed salary along with many other benefits. Moreover, the Remote base assures the people that engineers and developers they have currently appointed are topnotch. These are rising 5% of the engineers and tech geniuses in Pakistan.

Creating New Jobs

The organization, ever since its development, has not even lost a single client. In fact, they get new clients each passing day. It is said that the company will end up hiring hundreds of engineers for this operation by the end of the year.

The CEO of Remotebaseput forward positive feedback from their clients to the people who claim that these engineers were the best addition to their teams. These teams consumed engineering talents from all around the world. The benefit of working with Remotebase is that it provides direct access to some great talent with the recruitment process.

Since the startup was successful initially, it does not require the funds that it recently raised. They plan on using these funds towards initiatives such as hackathons and programs for women.