Github is now free for Teams

Github has made private repositories with unlimited collaborators available to all GitHub accounts. All of the core GitHub features are now free for everyone.

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Until now, if your organization wanted to use GitHub for private development, you had to subscribe to one of Github paid plans. But every developer on earth should have access to GitHub. Price shouldn’t be a barrier.

This means teams can now manage their work together in one place: CI/CD, project management, code review, packages, and more.

Github also reducing the price of paid Team plan to $4 per user/month, effective immediately.

Read the full blogpost here.

More Details

  • Github introduced a new Free plan for teams with unlimited collaborators in private repositories, 2,000 GitHub Actions minutes/month, and GitHub Community Support.
  • You now have unlimited collaborators in private repositories as part of your GitHub Free plan.
  • Monthly pricing for Github Pro plan has been reduced from $7/month to $4/month.
  • Monthly pricing for our paid Team plan has been reduced from $9/user to $4/user.
  • Actions minutes and Packages storage will continue to be free for all public repositories.