6 Crucial Factors That Influence Instagram’s Algorithm in 2021

The algorithm of Instagram controls the content’s organic reach with its set of rules. According to Instagram, 70% of the posts were missed by people before implementing the well-defined sequence in 2016.

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The content and posts seen by people on Instagram are all decided through the application’s algorithm. The well-defined sequence is responsible for aligning the order of posts on the newsfeed and which posts should be available on the explore tab. The liked videos, order of stories, IGTV, and reel videos are all shown based on the algorithm’s decision.

The algorithm of Instagram controls the content’s organic reach with its set of rules. According to Instagram, 70% of the posts were missed by people before implementing the well-defined sequence set by the tech company in 2016.

However, the algorithm can react mysteriously, and you can identify it if you have spent time on Instagram. But if the content strategy is understood, you can easily handle and evaluate how the Instagram algorithm works.

There are six crucial factors as mentioned by Instagram that can influence the algorithm of feed posts, these are:

  1. Relationship
  2. Interest
  3. Frequency
  4. Timeliness
  5. Usage
  6. Following


The Instagram algorithm prioritizes accounts and friends that are most important to you. So the Instagram algorithm makes use of your interactions to check which post should appear on your newsfeed and who the people are closest to you.

Depending on how you use the app, Instagram can theoretically figure out about your closest friends. This includes people you search, people you are connected with in real life, whose content you like, and send direct messages to.

Based on this information, Instagram determines your interest level and then serves content accordingly.


Your Instagram feed is based on the types of accounts and posts you like and not only who you follow. The type of posts that will appear the most on your timeline will depend on what you “like,” according to the Instagram algorithm. For this reason, consistent presence is vital on Instagram to send positive signals to the algorithm. This will also provide an opportunity for the audience to engage with your content.


Depending on how frequently you open the Instagram app, the algorithm will show you content accordingly. If you are a frequent user, your feed will be more chronological as Instagram tries to show you the latest posts since you last visited. If you are not a regular scroller, then Instagram will show you content based on what the algorithm thinks you’ll like. 


The algorithm also focuses on how long ago the picture was posted rather than only focusing on the engagement on your Instagram post. By checking when you last posted, the well-defined sequence can serve you the most exciting and latest content. If you post relevant content consistently and persistently, the algorithm will increase your likes and followers. Additionally, posting when your followers are active and online provides a better chance to get more likes. 


The more time you spend on Instagram, the more post variety will be shown to you by its well-defined sequence. The new content is never limited, and you can always enjoy the latest posts. Based on previous interactions, the well-defined sequence suggests range relatedly. However, if you use the application for a few minutes in a day, you will only get the day’s highlights from the algorithm.


The number of accounts you follow on Instagram also plays a significant role in Instagram’s algorithm. If you follow several people, then Instagram gets more options to choose which posts should be first provided on your feed. The app will not show the inactive or “ghost” followers frequently on your timeline. For a good account ranking from Instagram’s algorithm, make sure that the accounts you follow are not inactive.