4 Branded Podcasts Every Marketer Should Know About

Podcasts are probably the latest most innovative way to stay in touch with your customers.

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Podcasts can prove to be valuable assets for a marketer since they can help advance knowledge and enhance your social media. Companies around the world are now taking advantage of this innovation. They are producing their podcasts which helps them maintain a healthy and amicable relationship with customers.

In this article, I will summarize 4 must know branded podcasts for marketers.

1 – Zendium

First and foremost, let’s start with “Zendium”, a toothpaste company that deserves the first mention, all due to their creativity. They came up with an ingenious podcast idea, “2 Minutes of Zen”, that lasts literally for 2 minutes, i.e., exactly the recommended time that brushing should last. It surpasses listeners’ typical expectations from podcasts, proving that creativity can be a magic key to success if inserted in the correct keyhole. In layman terms, it’s all about discovering a tactic that fits the image of your brand.

2 – Mathew Januszek

Secondly, I want to mention Mathew Januszek. They sell equipment for exercise to gyms all around the world through his company, “Escape Fitness” that he co-founded. Additionally, he also runs a podcast by the name of “Escape Your Limits”. His guests include stars from the bodybuilding world, MMA fighters and fitness entrepreneurs.

His topic of conversation usually revolves around motivation: what inspires the individuals and drives their journey. With such esteemed guests gracing their presence, it’s no wonder that the podcast has amassed an enormous audience within a population who share these interests.

3 – McDonald’s

Another innovative podcast, this time by “McDonald’s”, an exceptionally well known fast-food chain with its roots almost all over the world, is “The Sauce”. The intention behind this podcast was slightly new and different from the previous two I have discussed.

It was investigative, almost like a mystery thriller drama. They attempted to dig out the possible reasons behind the shouts of protests that rose after they discontinued a Szechuan-inspired dipping sauce served with chicken nuggets (hence the podcast’s name). This is another successful example of the creativity that fits the keyhole of the brand’s door.

4 – Hackable

“Hackable” is the last podcast that I want to mention. This, too, is from a well-known cyber security brand known as “McAfee”. Instead of dismissing it entirely, think about how McAfee did not shy away from the idea just because it is not typical of cyber security businesses to offer one.

They hit a market niche by pointing to us exactly how ignorant we are regarding online security, whether gaming or simply social media. They direct the listeners towards forums where we may be vulnerable unknowingly. The show was a huge success and even won awards at the 2018 Shorty Awards. Something of value to note here is that an external production company was scouted for this project.

That is all you need to know about 4 famous podcasts every marketer should know about. Also, it’s good to know that your brand can afford it; outsourcing is not a bad option.