Laravel – Developer’s key to happiness

As the title speaks for itself, Laravel is undoubtedly every PHP Developer's key to happiness.

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As the title speaks for itself, Laravel is undoubtedly every PHP Developer’s key to happiness.

What in a framework can make a developer happy?

Without wasting much time, let’s dive in & see ourselves as what aspects of Laravel makes it different from other frameworks & helps bring in happiness to the developers.

Rapid Application Development

Laravel is a rapid application development framework. It provides really easy learning curve for any developer while minimizing the steps from starting the new application till deploying it on the server. Tasks from Database interactions to authentication to queues to emails to caching are made simpler than ever with Laravel.


Laravel provides an entire ecosystem of tools from building to launching applications. HomeStead & Valet came to our rescue for local development, Forge for server management, Envoyer for advanced deployment, Scout for search, Passport for API authentication, Echo for web-sockets, Cashier for payments & subscriptions, Spark for SaaS application scaffolding & the most-recent Horizon for managing queues. Which other framework gives you all this glass full of features? None, I believe.

Convention over Configuration

Laravel focuses on “convention over configuration” in the entire code-base of the framework. If you want to stick to the Laravel’s defaults, you’ll have to do much lesser work as compare to other frameworks, where you have to declare all of your settings even if you’re using the recommended configurations. Projects built on Laravel takes less time than those built on other PHP frameworks.


Laravel also focuses deeply on simplicity of things. Its possible to use Dependency injection & mocking & Data mapper pattern & all other sort of complex architectural patterns with Laravel, if you want. But Laravel’s documentation emphasises on starting with the simplest possible implementation, which allows developers to create the simplest possible application to solve their needs in lesser time frame.


One of the most distinguishing element of Laravel, which has contributed to its growth & success, is the welcoming & teaching community. From Jeffry’s Laracasts to Eric’s Laravel News to Slack & IRC Channels to Laravel meetups & Laracons. Laravel has a rich & vibrant community full of folks who have been around since day one.

Happiness Multiplied – Laracasts

Jeffrey Way’s Laracasts is one place to learn every little thing about Laravel & above all it covers almost tiny bits of Web Development from front-end design to JavaScript curves & edges to the powerfulness of Vue JS to the vast usage of PHP, it has them all. As it says “Its kinda like NETFLIX for your career“, it definitely is.


To learn more about this full of happiness framework, head over to and start building applications with magic of Laravel.

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