Laravel __() Helper function for Localization

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    Previously Localization in Laravel was done by creating separate directories for each locales and place in under resources/lang/ and add key value pairs to every single keyword in a number of files as per their modules.

    Laravel later introduced a great helper function __() which could be used for JSON based translations.
    For instance, in your blade files,

    {{ __(‘The Web Tier’) }}
    Whereas “The Web Tier” is added in a JSON file inside of resources/lang directory i.e {locale}.json likeso,

    “The Web Tier”: “TWT”

    If that key is not present, it will return the default language functionality.


    Let us translate our desired text in Spanish language, create a new file in resources/lang/es.json

    “Example Heading”: “ Ejemplo de encabezado”

    Now inside of your blade template, you may call it like
    {{ __(‘Example Heading’,[],’es’)}}


    For JSON translations, there’s only one file per locale, so we can simply load the file & will be ready to check the array for key.

    You may read more about Localization from official documentation.

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