8 Common UI Design Mistakes That Are Killing Your Conversion Rate

UI is an integral part of UX and therefore affects your conversions highly. To ensure your UI always result in a high conversion rate, the top user experience design companies list the 8 mistakes that you must avoid making.

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You must have heard that simplicity is the best and this holds true even for your UI design. You can attract, impress, and convert visitors only if your user interface is engaging, beautiful, and develop an emotional bond with the user.

UI is an integral part of UX and therefore affects your conversions highly. To ensure your UI always result in a high conversion rate, the top user experience design companies list the 8 mistakes that you must avoid making.

Cluttered Layout

Customers don’t prefer creative mess. So, put yourself in your customer’s shoes while creating your website’s layout.

When there are numerous elements on your webpage, then they all compete with each other to grab the user’s attention. Additionally, users find them confusing and may end up making an undesired action.
It is because the user may miss your CTA or any important discount. As a result, this will reduce your website’s conversion.

Unresponsive Website Design

Another design mistake that will reduce your website conversion is when your website design is unresponsive. When customers are not able to enjoy the finest features of your site on their mobile, they leave.

With a responsive design, your website becomes more flexible across various screen resolutions and devices. Even the number of mobile users is increasing at a fast pace and hence Google too has announced an algorithm that ranks responsive and mobile-friendly websites higher.

Unpleasing CTA

CTA or call-to-action condense your entire conversion power in a single button. From copy to color, everything about them must be convincing. Focus on each and every aspect of your CTA including color, size, design, shape, location, length, and language.

The choice of all these elements must be in context to the preferences of your audiences. Hence, you must delve into the psychology and purchasing decision in order to identify the perfect blend of fonts, shapes, colors, and test the same before you achieve the best CTA.

A CTA is clickable if it is attention-grabbing.

Well-organized Navigation

Removing clutter is not the only important thing to make your website design appear clean and neat. Equally vital is to organize the remaining elements nicely and in a well-organized manner. For this, you must focus on navigation and hierarchy.

Lack of hierarchy can make things confusing to the user. It will not highlight your services and products. Even the descriptions must have a logical order. Headings must convey the mission statement and at the same time inform customers about your offerings. Additionally, subheadings must explain how things can benefit customers.

Most importantly, the navigation of your website must be clear and must meet the expectations of visitors. Place the menu at an appropriate position and maintain a minimum number of menu items.

Having no Social Validity

User-generated content, feedback from customers and testimonials are not important for UI, but they must be included at appropriate places on relevant pages. It is because these elements are crucial to encourage sales and branding of a website. For this reason, it is not possible to plan an efficient website design without social proof in consideration.

Without social proof, your brand, services, and products will not be able to earn real credibility. It will affect your SEO efforts, marketing value, and ultimately conversion rates.

Generic Imagery

A major reason why most people detest stock photos is that they are not genuine and therefore you don’t have to possess artistic skills to see that.

It is true that visuals play a vital role in marketing and branding to attract the attention of the visitors and even end up making a customer smile. This way, they help to set the desired mood and tone.

But customers who visit your website for a solution are looking for trustworthy items. And it is impossible to gain their trust with obvious lies. Images in a website must be authentic as only then it will be able to win the buyer’s confidence.

Slow Loading Speed of your webpage

Whether you have a mobile or a desktop website, customers will love it only if it has good loading speed. You must keep your website loading speed under two or three seconds and not more than that.
For this, make sure that each image of your site is optimized. Secondly, reduce redirects if any as they low down a page loading speed. Then, avoid using too many plugins on your website and finally minimize the HTTP requests.

Most of the visitors don’t read full content on your website. They only glance at the content and expect to see important information fast.

Having too much text on your webpage would not solve the purpose. Rather, it will distract your visitors from taking the desired action. You might want to mention in detail about your services and product. But it is best if you keep the content minimal. As for such things, you can use the blogs section of your website.
Say more with less so that users don’t have to crop every single line of your webpage text. Also, create convincing content with as fewer words as possible.