Friday , 24 January 2020




Mailgun Acquires Mailjet: Two Brands Working Together to Build Better Email

When Mailgun started nearly 10 years ago, it seemed obvious that email APIs could help developers connect with customers and build their apps more quickly. But in those days, most email services were focused on simple newsletters and marketing campaigns. Mailgun founders felt the pain of having to integrate email into an app first-hand, and that’s why they built Mailgun.

PyCon2019 happening in Karachi

This is the third instalment of the Pycon Pakistan conference. It's an international convention that brings together software developers, IT professionals and programming enthusiasts & like-minded programmers from around the world, will take place in Karachi this year on October 12. It will surely be a great milestone while helping fellow Software developers across the country to become motivated and help them grow as Python developers.

Best Tool-stack for Developers in 2020

The JavaScript community (among others) uses an array of tools, cloud services, platforms, and more for CRD, deployment, testing, tracking, and coding. If you are trying to find the best of the best among all the available toolstack options, you may need some guidance.

How To Build an Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign

In today’s day in age, brands are finding it harder to stand out. Large corporations and established businesses are still opting for big names to promote their products. But, more and more brands are choosing to collaborate with influencers instead to spread their message across various digital platforms.

A Certain checklist to build your car renting marketplace

With the approach of sharing and digital economies, online rental industry is taking off in a wide range of specialties. Online car rental business is one of those specialties giving the choice of expanded mobility without the worry of paying costs related with the ownership or responsibility for car.

Short Arrow Functions Approved By PHP

Lots of developers have been a fan of the short arrow function usage since their addition to programming languages. In JavaScript, it has helped make coding functions/closures more concise.

Laravel Meetup’19 is coming back to Lahore

Gear up fellow developers, another Laravel Meetup is coming back to Lahore & it will be a great milestone while helping our fellow web developers across the city to become motivated and will help them grow as Laravel developers.

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