Maximum function Nesting Level of 100 reached — Model Exception

May 17, 2017 By - Usama Muneer
    • Laravel is of no doubt one of the great PHP Frameworks to work with, but sometimes it go crazy and through some ludicrous errors and warnings, which sometimes most of the developers has no idea of how to fix it.

      Since I’ve been into Developing some cool stuff in Laravel, this is so far a rarely new Error to me, so like most of other people, i just googled the query and found some relative links, but still couldn’t find a proper solution. The common answer I found out which some people have suggested to just increase the nested level in php.ini.

      xdebug.max_nesting_level = 300

      Which is not supposed to be the perfect solution what i was looking for.

      I’ve found several people facing this problem even in the fresh installation ofLaravel Homestead or Forge Server.

      Laravel Homestead currently has a default max_nesting_level of 250.

      Just to be clear, this is not a bug in Laravel, Symfony or anything else. It only occurs when XDebug is installed.

      Although this particular problem could certainly be caused by some bad code.

      But wait, before digging in deeper, let’s first understand what this xDebug max_nesting_level thing exactly is:

      max_nesting_level=100 means that 100 or more functions are called recursively. This is not a high figure as such and later versions of XDebug (>= 2.3.0) have raised this limit to 256. See here:

      But this probably not the xDebug issue at all, i found a simple solution to this.
      just run the following command in your root directory, and this will wipe away this error for sure.

      composer update

      simple enough, eh?

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